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Guru Gobind Rai Leaves For Sri Anandpur Sahib To Be Reunited With His Father Guru

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When the habitants of Sri Patna heard of the departure of the child Guru Gobind Rai Ji, they were tearfur. It is said that Jagat Meth and Rahim Bakhsh begged the child Guru not to leave but the Guru replied that he had already made preparations for Sri Anandpur Sahib.

The wife of Raja Fateh Chand asked the Guru how she would receive a divine glimpse of the child Guru once He had left Patna Sahib.To her humble request, Guru Gobind Rai Ji blessed her with a sharp double edged sword, sword and garment .Guru Ji told her that whenever she would serve the children of Patna with bolied gram , milk and pooris she would be serving Guru Gobind Rai himself. Guru Gobind Rai Ji explained that the kirpan was a representation of the Lord Almighty and that one would receive a divine glimpse of the child Guru through selfless service and prayer. Guru Gobind Rai Ji blessed Rahim Bakhsh vand uttered that during his daily recitation of Sri Japuji Sahib, the Guru would always be present.Guru Ji promised Pandit Shiv Dutt that he would give him his divine glimpse every morning.

Guru Ji blessed Jagat Seth a life of contemplation on God and salvation.

The child Guru uttered that the citizens of Patna shall receive a divine glimpse of the Guru in his own home each morning provided that they rose each morning and recited Sri Asa Di vaar prayer

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