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Guru Gobind Rai Ji At Danapur

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In the month of Sawan , 24th day, Samat 1751 Bikram 24th July 1698 all of the sangat accompanied the Guru to Danapur.At Danapur a woman caleed Prem Kutthee Maee n ofeered all her life savings to the sadh sangat.She got made for Guru Ji, a khichree dish and the vessel in which she made the khichree dish she treasured in her home and her home became a place of worship.This place famously became known as Haindee walee jugat.

Whoever took a divine glimpse of the divine Guru praised Guru Ji.Batha Sooraj Mal also praised the Guru. The mother of Guru Harkrishan Ji, would praise the child Guru admiringly.

The Masands of Makhowal came frward to welcome the child Guru. The child guru placed his holy feet in the town of Chak Mata Nanaki Ji Makhowal. The Guru halted at the banks of the River Sirsa and recited five stanzas o Sri anandSahib ji, a holy prayer of bliss composed by Sri Guru Amar Dass,3rd Guru of the Sikhs, and delared henceforth that the town will now be renamed Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji.This event took place in March 1673.Guru Tegh Bahadhur was very pleased and announced that this town would henceforth be called Sri Anandpur.Far and near, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's radiance, wisdom, righteousness, charismatic personality inspired many.

Starting from the early days of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's career to the martyrdom of Sahib Sri Guru Tegh Bahadjur Ji, Ananpur Sahib blossomed and became a centre of lerarning and henceforth became to be known as the "City of Bliss". This centre of learning included a Madrusa and Paathshala. Learned scholars came to Anandpur sahib and shared their wisdom.To ecape the fear of Aurangzeb, many sought refuge at the the feet of guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji, According to Sikh History, the Head of the Madrusa was Munshi pir Mohammad Kaji and Head of the paathshala wasunshi Sahib Chand.Both of them in a short period of time taught Guru Gobind Rai Ji Arabic, Pharsi and Sanskrit.

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