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Chela Raam - Beadbi Of Guru Jee

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Thats obvious.

Also, GPS jee you are right about Chela Rams being born long before RSS. After watching that beadbi video, it would actually be safer for him to keep distance from GurSikhs in any part of the world. Unless this guy doesn't come forward and apologize and clarify his name, he is just asking for trouble (and a really big one). What I find weird is that ever since the news about Gurujee's beadbi came to light, this guy has vanished into thin air (unless I am missing something) and hasn't been heard from. Is he hiding some place?

The beadbi has been happening since 4 years --> http://www.panthic.org/articles/2752

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SOMEONE ON THIS GROUP http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=13144&post=80898&uid=5735176177#post80898

SAID THIS : I have a Bible and a Quran in my house. I think the Christians and Muslims have no business to check my house. Rehat Maryada is applicable to the Sikhs not to the non-Sikhs.Deep has real concerns but some how I feel we should be tolerant.

I don't know how Deep wants the CDs and DVDs that contain Gurbani to be treated.

I remember our teacher Giani Bhagat Singh (ex-editor Sant Sipahi )would say, "Look the Guru Granth sahib is ur guru, the message is ur guru, the order and not the paper or ink or the cover."

he is saying that chela ram and sindhi people should be allowed to do w/e they want...

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