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Topi And Guru Nanak

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I have seen many Janamsakhis with pictures show Guru Nanak with topi.

I came across a website that say his topi is in kartarpur


and that the first five Gurus wore topis

but in some of the rehatnamas it says that sikhs are forbidden to wear topis

are we allowed to wear topi or that the Dastar was the replacement for the topi.

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Dear Harryss!

  1. For any society to change its style of clothes etc is governed by circumstances prevailing at that point of time. So is the issue of Topi vs Dastar.
  2. Dastar is a protective helmet Topi is not. Sikhs were organised as a Martial order to fight the might of Jahangir. The process of was commenced by 5th Nanak and crystallized by 6th Nanak, who fought 4 wars against Jhangir's oppression of the Indian masses
  3. Sikhs are a Martial order of Almighty and no Army can go by or approve individual fancies as far as standard uniform is concerned. If as on date Dastar is the item of Khalsa uniform, stressing on topi etce is not only illogical but dead against the very spirit of Khalsiat, the StiGurBani which ordains that Sikhs must blend with the environment without sinking into it. Hope this helps. Feel free to share further on any issue.

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no youuldnt be right to wear topi as the successor Gurus each added to Sikhi, so by the time of finalisation in 1699, the Dastar was compulsory, and the topi was not.

thats like saying can you still write in single letters when you are 20, cos you did it when you was a 7 year old.

hope that helps.

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To what I have heard and read, Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, never wore a topi and neither did any of the other Gurus. It's peoples own misunderstanding of shabads and some peoples intentions to add in our history that the Gurus did wear a topi to mislead.

Right from the start, Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji tied a Dastar and told his first Sikh Bhai Mardana to tie a Dastaar and to stop cutting his hair. Reading Gurbani the point of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji comes clear that it has been made up.

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