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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

this is not sarbloh soulja, its someone else on his account. Delete this account after this post admin.

email from akjyahoogroups below. Urgent, email the mayr of london, the more mails, or phone calls he gets, the more chance there is of it getting cancelled...thats what he told a singh that rung in.

waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, can everyone help in this. We need to stop this event. Rather than turning up and protesting, it is far better to contact the Mayors office, and the media to register your protest. The youth did a similar thing at Kingston uni many years ago, when HUT tried to do a meeting. The dean banned them.

Who are these guys?

Al-Majaroun has the same idealogue as HUT. They are called the immigrants, and have hatred for all non-muslims, including sikhs. Among their top ranks are the Tottenham Ayatollah, who was ridiculed on national TV in a documentary. Others include the short pakistani boy from Staines, and his African friend. They rose to national prominence when they said they would go and fight for Afganistan during its war, yet they went no-where. We know them personally when they tried to disrupt a Sikh Society event at Kings University many years ago. 4 Singhs had to forcibally remove them, as they spoke against sikhi.

It is amazing that groups like ISYF and BKI have been banned, yet groups like Al-Majoroun who openly preach violence against all non-muslims are allowed to be active.

Below is a list put on some websites with the media contacts and the London Mayors contacts. The mayors office has recieved

protests. If more people protest it will be cancelled, and hopefully the spotlight willl be put on them, resulting in their organisation being banned.





HOME NEWS home.news@thetimes.co.uk

The Mirror

020 7293 3000

The Sun


London - 020 7782 4100

BBC London News


Tel: 020 7224 2424

ITV NEWS (London Tonight)


Telephone:+44 (0)207 833 3000

UK Homeoffice (may help not sure)


Telephone: 0870 000 1585

Fax: 020 7273 2065

Textphone: 020 7273 3476

Ken Livingstone

Mayor of London

020 7983 4100


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