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Sikhs And The Kirpan Debate

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    • Maybe worth letting some of them join and see what they post as could be people interested in Sikhi from Hindu backgrounds. 
    • well so far China has built an outpost inside LOC and the silk road motorway project is moving forward when this completes then it will be easy for China to attack deep into India, pakistan, iran, turkey  and into Europe . Modi will goad then surrender territory to China and then call for boycott of china goods whilst giving multi-million contracts to China's CCP party . Osho was right India is a nation of cowards and two faced people. This is the reward for attacking Harmandir Sahib, killing sant lok and making Gursikhs miserable - destruction by Akal Purakh.
    • This was posted 10 years ago but It seems to be a possibility in the the near future, more convincing now than it was 10 years ago. Is this included in Dasam Bani as well? The Hindu is full of hankhar today, blinded by it. Hankar is the beginning of the end.  Also, insulting Gurus, holy men and prophets has become a norm for Hindus, especially extremist Hindus. The amount of nindiya you see Hindus doing of holy men is alarming. The things they say about the Muslim prophet, Jesus, Mary, and our Gurus is shocking. Its twisted, perverted and sick. Even by accidently reading it you feel like you have committed 100 sins. Far too much paap is building up in that country.   I think history is soon gnna repeat itself in India, they've had a couple of decades of "freedom"  
    • addiction is the symptom of extreme loneliness and disconnect... self-hatred rears its head and the person annihilates themselves through the weapon of choice , they are starved of connection, understanding and love . Your cousins really had the dregs as mothers I would have kicked out the Mums and kept the daughters because at least they had a chance of becoming worthwhile humans.
    • well of course we did not need to waste money on this study as this common knowledge that's why hospital bedding, clothing is always collected in biohazard marked bags and run through boil/high temperature washes . the staff that do have to launder their uniforms are given clear instructions on what should be done . Even the ordinary folks were instructed on how to launder washable masks to kill off the viruses /bacteria . In the old days before dousing everything with anti-bac sprays people used to just use hot water and soap , bleach for the extremely dirty/risky things  it is a simple problem with a simple solution ....boy this is making my head hurt all this angst and panic.
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