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June 1984 - Remembrance March & Freedom Rally London - Sunday 5Th June 2011

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Transport from EAST LONDON.......Gurdwara Singh Sabha London East, Seven Kings. IG3 8SX

To book seats please phone / text Kuljeet Kaur with your name+number of seats to 07837574306

Due to limited seats, those with reserved seats will get priority

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Please everyone remember that this is a serious event. Some things I have noticed in previous years that have been inappropriate:

  • people standing around during the march on the sides joking and chatting.
  • Singhs saying something in the megaphones and then bursting out laughing. Then people around them start laughing as-well.

We are remembering a holocaust..........if we don't take it seriously then don't expect other people to take us seriously. During the march we should all be joining in the slogans in a disciplined and sincere way.

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Somebody had a thought!!! And I think it may be a valid thought!!!

The thought was that some anti-Sikh agencies are going to hire some really silly people to make as many really stupid, anti-gurmat statements on all Sikh Forums and media, and stations to distract all the sikhs from advertising and promoting the Sikh Remember and Freedom 1984 Rally at Hyde Park 11am Sunday 5th June. Their hope is that we just get tied up in arguing with these silly people instead of promoting and going to the 1984 on 5th June 2011. As history as shown the anti-Sikh agencies will hire people from within us (or so they will claim to be!!).

If you don't believe me, look at the really silly people who have come onto this forum lately. These people are playing with you!! Every time these silly people instult Sikhi & and any one of your 11 Gurus, and in the process hurt your heart... just promise yourself that you will get more people to attend the 1984 rally with you. Promise yourself that you make your gurdwara promote the rally this week. Promise yourself that will contact all Sikh Media to push and promote the 1984 rally!!!

Don't let the clowns distract you, that is their very aim!!!

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Dear Sadh Sangat Ji, Please don't forget to attend the 1984 rally at 11am at Hyde Park London tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your placard with you. There is a thread on here which has ready made placards for you to print off!

London Sikhs, please do you best to make it to the rally tomorrow.

Get somebody please get all 3 TV stations to keep on playing the promos for the rally all day today:

Sky 840 Sikh Channel

Sky 847 Sangat TV

Sky 848 Sikh TV

It would be really good if they could encourage London Sikhs to make it to the rally in particular, as it's in their home city (just around the corner for them!)

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