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Need Audio For This Shabad

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Sangat jee,

I need keertan files for this shabad, sung by as many different people/ different tunes as possible. Please help!

gobi(n)dh ham aisae aparaadhhee ||

O Lord of the Universe, I am such a sinner!

jin prabh jeeo pi(n)dd thhaa dheeaa this kee bhaao bhagath nehee saadhhee ||1|| rehaao ||

God gave me body and soul, but I have not practiced loving devotional worship to Him. ||1||Pause||

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    • when we were in school the most liberal punjabi in our yr was a punjabi girl from a a very liberal family, by liberal i mean she used to have glassy with her mum and half her family was married to muslims, she told me that half her family uncles/aunts cousins etc are married to muslims so her parents said she can marry whoever she wants to    thats how liberal they were. this same girl in the school toilets stuck a toilet brush up her private parts and filmed it and sent it to evry1 
    • ^^^ complete tone-deaf tactlessness 😂. Whatever you think of these so-called stars (I personally think they should be executed for their treachery when there's an uprising, lmao, I don't care), it's no wonder people say the races like the Chinese and Indians are "bug-men" which is a slang term to describe races that are very cold, lacking compassion and a sense of humanity. In their efforts to ape western productions, they totally miss the target, and end up making themselves look like bandhars.
    • And what if the "experts" say the evidence is no longer valid, or they've uncovered new "evidence" that contradicts the earlier facts? Are you in a position to argue to the contrary, and most importantly, who will listen to you?
    • atheist and liberal punjabis/sikhs are the biggest threat because they dnt follow a % of sikhi yet they call themselves sikhs and are among us,  all the bad rep sikhs have is because of liberal/atheist punjabis.  its these same people that alter sikhi to suit their views/lifestyle   its these same people that alter our traditions and push their liberal tatti ways of living into our community   its the same people that go out every weekend and get drunk while wearing kareh and still call themselves sikhs    its these same sl@gs that dress like they work in a brothel and upload photos on social media with "kaur" on their name.  everything is because of them.  liberal atheist punjabis are the worst and ruining everything  theres even pagh wearing atheists believe it or not!  i worked with this pagh wearing guy from kenya who was an atheist   and believed science is his religion    and he told me how he likes the pretty "sikhni" that works in mcdonalds across the street and is gnna try talking to her.  and if he did trying talk to her im sure she was stupid enough to fall for it.  can u believe that there are pagh and kara wearing atheists among us! and we would walk past them and greet them thinking they are one of us.  punjabi weddings look like brothels.   som1 sent me a clip of a punjabi wedding with a man and woman dancing in the middle and evry1 around them clapping the man then trod on the womans saree and the part of the saree that you cover your belly and chest with got trapped and his shoe and her massive belly flab got exposed and she started screaming.
    • chamars get offended and angry when we call him bhagat   they want us to call him guru!  i dnt understand why they try to force their religious views on us.   some sikh parcharks in india to be politically correct even call bhagat ravidas ji    "guru ravidas"      but no there is no difference between their teachings, same with all the other bhagats.  you see a lot of political correctness in sikh parcharks   which i think is really stupid.   
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