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Bhat Singh Sabha Party Hall

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This is supposed to be the website for Bhat Singh Sabha Gurdwara Moseley Road, Birmingham and instead all they are doing is promoting the Saffron Banqueting Suite!


Again another Gurdwara Committee who is abusing Sikh Principles and promoting the serving of meat and alcohol on Gurdwara property.

These Committees are fully aware of the Sandesh but are intent on misusing Guruji's golak and Gurdwara.....

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Although there's some progressive thinking with some of the other activities taking place, the Committee have fallen in the typical trap of the "Conference and Banqueting Facilities" allowing meat and sharab. Again the meat and sharab over ride any other sewa.



Bhat Singh Sabha is a dynamic not-for-profit company (Company Reg. 4630683) and registered charity (Charity Reg .1099336) formed in 2003 by the Guru Nanak Gurdwara (a Sikh faith Community) to deliver much needed sustainable services in the Sparkbrook Ward of Birmingham. Our Director's are trusted members of the community who have been specifically chosen to harness their development and financial skills in running large scale business and community projects.

We purchased 256 Moseley Road, Highgate, a disused former motor components industrial unit and adjoining land and converted it into a major Community Resource Centre. Our venue is a focal point and communication Centre with safe secure parking for up to 100 vehicles including coach parking and disable bays.

The Bhat Singh Sabha project was made possible via a co-financed partnership between Bhat Singh Sabha , European Regional Development Funding and European Social Funding. (See Partners)

Working with our strategic partners including European Government Office West Midlands, Birmingham City Council, Local Colleges, Early Years Learning, Birmingham Children's Centres, Job Centre Plus, National Health Primary Care Trust, our Centre now offers the following services:

A 500 capacity Conference and Banqueting suite with full catering facility. For further details see Services.

A 50 placement full time day care Nursery together with Crèche and Childcare facilities, together with Day Care Nursery Training for up to 12 young persons per year.

Education, Training & Consultation Rooms, especially focusing on access to employment, diversity training for local residents and employers alike.

Advice Centre advising on family matters, parenting, together with programmes surrounding diet and health including Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart disease.

ICT Suite offering accredited computer based training for the wider community including CED residents.JMBLearning@BhatSinghSabha.Com

Fully serviced Managed office space (supporting local not-for-profit organisations) including broadband facilities.

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Vahiguroo. How do the activities of this "Singh Sabha" Gurdwara fit in with the ideology of the original Singh Sabhias, who gave Shaheedi in the Gurdwara Sudhaar Lehar? These "alleged" Singh Sabhias are doing the exact opposite of what the original Singh Sabha movement was about!

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