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Whats The Deal When You Die?


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As for why Satguru is asking in the Hukamnama, who has died, O who has died? Family, spouse, work, friends, social circles, events are all temporary as Satguru did not make them permanent. All these things came into existance as the world was created. But like the world they will depart. We are attached to a dream here.

Family, friends, spouses etc are simply Distractions on the path.

We are defined by our attachments- eg. the rich mans wife is proud, the poor mans wife is harworking etc.

No Attachments= No Identity(Being Nothing, no Ego(Mind))= Jivan Mukt.

The Reality is: We are all attached to false images- that is the Attachment. We all live contrary to Nirvair, recognising him everywhere in all, and Nirbaoh, being fearless as he is everywhere, in All.

All is God- He has no Image, hence attachment to imagery is false- Gurbani is all about Detachment.

Heaven is a maya image as is Hell.

The highs(happiness/heaven) are false as are the lows(pain/hell).

When one realises the Primal Void of Nothingness as the True reality (which is where God resides) one rids all attachments(distractions and procrastinations) and lives in Simple Truth.

We are nothing, He is Nothing- it is so simple but is a fact our egos refuse to accept, we rise to arguments, our egos grow in praise and lash out at slander. There is nothing to lash out at, there is nothing to be sad about, We are Nothing(No image, no identity, no caste, no creed) Like Him, so what identity is there to protect in anger, what slander is there to rise to, what praise is there to be proud about? What can one who is in the highest Nasha of being Nothing(no image) and recognises Nothingness all around possibly ever desire and get lusful and greedy for, or attached or jealous of?

He was always there, he never left, we just percieve everything as seperate to him.

This refusal to accept the simple Truth shows how dark this age really is.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji once said it is better to live in the world with God than in the world that is burning in hellfire with strangers.

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@singh559- Howdy neighbour! Thankyou for the video link, The person talking is very intelligent and knows his stuff. Thanks.

@only five- that was a wonderful verse from your scripture, the whole concept of reincarnation has got me interested in what all living things become in their next lives...

@alias- Merging with god, to me, seems like the best idea of heaven compared to other religions. So what your saying is that hell is not a red devil with a fork burning people, its more like having to live again (through reincarnation) witnessing all the sad things on earth, kind of like a hell on earth. Im guessing this ties in with karma?? Its all so interesting. By the ways, im a woman, not a brother lol If I wonder if aliens believe in 1 god for the universe?

@dust of the saints feet- You are absolutely right about material things, they wont go with us when we die. To be egoless and humble we would have to become perfect. Is that really possible in this day and age? Excuse my ignorance but i would love to be part of a world which isn’t money and cosmetic surgery mad. It seems impossible.

Thankyou everybody for your comments and informations. It appears that because i have some ego, bad thoughts sometimes and im possibly quite greedy at times, being vegetarian isn’t enough for me to experience heaven. Im pretty sure i’ll be reincarnated into a person who may actually have less pride? I don’t know. I guess only God knows whats in store for my soul.

Google me on a surf board!

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