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App Developers Anyone?

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Many may know Kesri Nishaan from the iNitnem/Dhur Ki Baani Apps, if not, try them out, they're completely free. Now the real reason, I know there are many Singhs/Singhnian App Devs out there, and I wanted to see how many of their apps were pirated. We released a game recently, The Red Leaves, and within hours it was cracked and downloadable for free causing over $300 of lost sales. We have a piracy rate of 94% thats for every one game we sold 16 were pirated! I wanted some advice from fellow devs or the saadh sangat in general?

Kind Regards!

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Piracy is rife there days unfortunately, what you should do is serve legal notices quickly to any website found supplying your commercial goods for free. Did you find out how they managed to crack your software or are they using jail broken versions of apple i/os devices?

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Maybe if you had lowered your price at the beginning you could have made it appeal more to the market and less of an incentive for crackers to crack the app.

If a user can buy 59p they are less likely to get it for free or you can create a lite version see if it appeals to the market out there first then bring out a better more levels paid version, just a suggestion for future apps looks good though keep up the good work.

What is your marketing strategy at the moment if you dont mind me asking?

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