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2012 Calender

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Gurfateh Ji

The Nanakshahi calendar is the one we go by right??

Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can dates for 2012 as I have googled it and ive had varied results confusing me even more. Or better still just give me the dates for holla mohalla and Guru Nanaks Avtar please.

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    • Not all. I'm still in highschool, but I know a decent amount of girls here that are in their 20s  that will definetly marry an Amritdhari.
    • Naad is the universal sound current (or frequency) which permeates creation. Narad Muni ji is the son of Brahma. He is forever doing hari kirtan, and never stays in one place for too long.
    • Gatka really doesn't. Honestly, there is no depth to it. To even call it a "martial art" is innacurate.
    • I was once a student of his for a few years. Unfortunately for me, my life took a different turn and I could no longer commit to training. Would have loved to carry on though. One thing that was really awesome about him is that you could literally ask him any question regarding ideology, and he'd answer it fully. Now, you may not necessarily agree with it, but he clearly laid out his reasoning, evidence and logic, which I greatly respected 🙏🏾.  The thing with rumors and keyboard warriors is that, they are exactly that, and nothing more. I've always encouraged all the naysayers that, if you have an issue, go up to him and ask. It really is that simple. That's what I always did. The akhara does not "follow" anyone. It teaches anyone who respects the vidiya and will not misuse it. It is completely free from politics. Again, this is something which Gurdev Nidar Singh Ji has cleared up many times, but people still don't get it... Finally, even if you disagree with the ideology, the vidiya is proper authentic. The irony is, when he taught our community, we did not appreciate it, we vilified him completely. And now, he teaches it all over the world to many martial artists who all attest to it's greatness and authenticity, and our people still have a problem ("you're teaching non-Sikgs" etc.). Lost opportunity... Incidentally, the respect and approval Shastar Vidiya has received from the martial arts community is infinitely greater than that of gatka..
    • Thank you for this information veerji. Sangat ji spread this news as much as you can.Not just on this website.Everyone who sees this post please report him if you have social media and get as many people to report.Even if you dont have social media just spread the news. Bhul Chuk Maf 🙏
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