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People Are Like Walls

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A number of times i have come across people who dont try to understand if i feel awkward about talking about a situation . They start offering me unwanted advice and i start making excuses about the situation to just ward off the situation .

I am usually a gentle guy at first . But after a day when i remember the entire conversation , i feel that people are taking my gentle demeanor for granted i become angry and begin to psyche myself into doing something stupid like calling them up and shouting at them . Whats the best way to handle such a situation . All the time my first time is to avoid being rude but i guess people are too dumb to understand it .

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Unless someone is a Bhagat or Brahmgyani they are full of the vices, so I would say be wary of advice they give which will most likely be influenced by jealousy, anger, lust, greed, ego and/or attachment.

Guru Ji says we come alone and go alone so try n live your life by gurmukh laws, it may be confusing to do, but why not ask yourself what the gurus or bhagats would do, try and live in hukam.

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