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I wanted the sangats opinion whether they know of or can explain if 'greh' is accepted in sikhi. To be more clear what I mean is that can somebody do black magic/toona/say things/want unhappiness against somebody, so much so that it could be harmful or even cause them grave danger?

I totally understand the need to jap naam to rid these evils but if somebody has penetrated it, can it be restored? How does somebody know they have it, is it like a spell?

Any debates or personal experiences would be so gratefully appreciated?



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When you are absorbed in naam, you are embracing the whole universe- just saying a name doesnt help. Being absorbed in naam means attuning yourself to the all pervading balanced gyan of Truth, you are detaching yourself from pleasure and pain/hell and heaven/light and dark separately and embracing the whole/them as One- Ik- God is One- you are Embracing Him fully- in saying His naam, you are recognising Him and bringing his Truth forth.

When this happens the light of Truth begins to shine, ghosts dont come near unless you are emitting an energy of fear. So become fearless and recognise Him to be everywhere and for all to be One- and let the light of Sat shine.

Of course people can do black magic, but it cannot withstand truth- they are just god dressed up in the khel so recoginise them as Him and they wont bother you. Even without black magic, many spirits roam about in the Kalyug, becoming darker and turning into demons, following humans about and causing havoc etc. Just stay in truth, thats all He's asking us to do with every moment the kal hits us.

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