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Kirtan Plzz Helppppppp

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hi ... i am wanting to do kirtan in a studio (sangat roopi) with all intraments etc..

i have NO clue at all how i am do this and were.

iv googles "kirtan studios" but no luck.... i wnt to expericance how it wod be maybe if i was a gyani.... can som1 PLZ help mee or suggiest were can do theses recording etc



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    • No bro  she was a fraud!  The whole image of white woman cradling a dark malnourished child is a very popular image in the media which they have been using for a very long time. She was nothing but a cash cow for the Vatican, a poster girl.  She made millions through charity and it's a well know fact that all the money went to the pope/vatican.  She didnt use a single penny on the kids in her orphanage. All the kids in her orphanage used to sleep on the concrete floors and her nurses uses the same needles on all the kids. She had this strange obsession with death and the dead like a lot of Catholics so and she didnt use any modern treatment on the kids. Disease spread a lot in her orphanage,  all of this despite receiving millions through charity. The hypocrisy is that when she needed treatment herself she would fly off to America for modern western treatment in a jet.   While her kids were sleeping on concrete floors with no treatment she herlsed would fly off to America when she was sick. Does that sound like a saint to you? She made the Vatican millions in her lifetime,  and after she died the Vatican decides to make her in a saint. She was a fraud.  Vatican is one of the richest institutions in the world  yet rome Is full of homeless people.  A lot of Christian's see the Vatican as satanic. 
    • I think he was a real man, a saint? And possibly was crucified because that was actually a very common punishment under the Roman's. But everything else seems to be added later on   they made him into something that he was not. The whole virgin birth, him being god in human form, the wise men following the star   everything. Christianity was created by the powerful church fathers and they made jesus into a God, and crafted his image, the virgin birth etc  this god jesus   has nothing to do with the real man that possible once lived and preached.  The god jesus was sketched by the powerful priests. I guess the creation of this religion  by them was for political gain.   And later the Roman's made christianity into the state religion, which gave Christianity the kind of power and influence that no religion has ever seen.  This is when mary the mother of jesus was made into a goddess, she just replaced the goddesses that the romans/pagans used to worship. Same idols, rituals  but a new name mary.  Imo christianity is the biggest and most successful business venture ever!  Just look at the vatican to this day! 
    • in the history of the world it has always been the case that pandemics or epidemics of diseases  are blamed not on own people and lack of hygiene but some 'magical' other group , in syphilis which existed in the old world it was blamed on the new world, spanish flu was never spanish etc etc. That is what I meant by propagandised journey , first this was because of bat soup, then pangollins then something else ad nauseum .
    • I don't always see eye to eye with @Akalifauj, but he already schooled you both. I'll happily finish your education bruh. 
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