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Protest in London, FRIDAY 23rd March, against the hanging of Balwant Singh Rajoana who helped bring justice to the Chief Minister of Punjab (the killer of hundreds of young Sikhs). Bhai Sahib is giving up his life because of his decision to stop a mass murderer

This protest has been organised by YOUTH sangat and we encourage ALL the youth to attend, give their views and support!

Opposite- High Commission of India,

India House,




Do not sit back while the gems of the Panth continue to be taken from us.

PLEASE spread the word and if possible, speak to your local gurudwaras about arranging a coach/transport!



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A benti, keep it unified and leave out controversy and keep a unified goal with Bhai Sahib at heart.

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^That's the plan

We are not affiliated with any specific organisation. Our ONLY goal is the imposition of JUSTICE in India and the ABOLITION of the Death Penalty

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This needs to be advertised on tv and texts need to go out

Yes and this needs to be in the main events section.

Try and get local Gurdwara's to arrange coaches to this.

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    • Sikhi was the biggest rebellion against the caste system.  "Sikhs" from a certain caste are the biggest fans of the caste system and will do whatever it takes to promote/propagate it.      
    • I would say the dream was 100% linked to his dad. My families done sangat and seva of both Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kishen Singh Ji. They were pure brahmgianis. We cant narrow the avasta of a Mahapurakh to our level of thinking. 
    • Guru sahib supported people marrying in the same biradhri because they came from the same background and lifestyle. Even in charitropakhyan mahraj gives lessons that you should marry ppl of same age, background etc. one lesson is an old guy cant keep a young woman for long 
    • Exactly, we only know his perspective and its telling that any nonbiased person would start to feel bad for her. It doesnt matter if your gay, be a good husband and talk to her and trust her. If you cant trust her because shes done something in the past then I understand the apprehension. But without that it seems youre just insecure 
    • We can only hope. 😅😂 Seriously, I think you're absolutely correct to a certain degree on a surface level, but you make it seem like all these events are organic in origin and execution. I would argue there's an element of planning and organisation that goes into these world-changing events. I definitely don't think there's anything of accident or chance when it comes to the major events in "recent" (post-Enlightenment) human history (including wars, social upheaval, social and political movements and policies, even down to smaller issues such as those affecting cultural and artistic endeavours that shape the human consciousness, etc). We do not stumble from unknown event to another unknown event, hoping we work it out along the way. I think this management and direction of events is becoming obvious and clear to a great percentage of humanity compared to previous decades and centuries. Whether this awakening of sorts is a natural part of the yugic cycle, or it's something more mystically directed is difficult to know.
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