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Comprehensive List Of Uk Rape/sex Cases Involving Muslim Gangs


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Please find enclosed below a list I have compiled of news article links of recent sex grooming/rape cases involving Muslim sex gangs - in the UK over the last few years.

Shere Panjab was trying to highlight this problem nationally in the 1980s and the UK is only just waking up to this pattern of abuse today.

Shere Panjab was a leading force who in the past weren't afraid to tackle this problem head on - and indeed weren't afraid to speak out about the problem of Muslim sex gangs - whilst the rest of the country - Govt/police/social services/sections of the media are afraid of even mentioning the blatant pattern of abuse involving Muslim men and non-Muslim girls !!

Maybe its time the UK media spoke to ex-members of Shere Panjab to get an insight into how to tackle this problem............

Keighley 2005 :


Oldham 2006 :


Blackburn 2007 :


Manchester 2008 :


Blackburn 2008 :


Skipton 2009 :


Rotherham 2010 :


Rochdale 2010 :


Rochdale 2010 :


Nelson 2010 :


Preston 2010 :


Derby 2011 :


Blackpool 2011 :


Burnley 2012 :


Dewsbury 2012 :


Barking, East London 2012 :


Telford 2012 :


Rochdale 2012 :


Blackburn 2012 :


Oxford 2012 :




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This is an excellent initiative and I commend it highly.

If it could be formalised (i.e. a website or at the very least a blogspot), I believe such a list could be turned into a powerful database to document evidence of horrific unashamed sexual abuse committed scarily exclusively by members of one community in particular.

This would help journalists, lawmakers, law enforcers and groups working for victims better understand why there is a problem with this type of behaviour in a section of the Pakistani Muslim community, and therefore come to a conclusion and develop solutions for what to do about it.

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I would also believe that while I have not gone through the list above, it is highly unlikely that you will find the names of any Sikh victims on it.

The Sikh community, in my opinion, needs to think long and hard about why this is, because this flies in the face of ground reality:

From my own experience, whilst I do not even hail from a majority Sikh area (the majority of my neighbours are Pakistani Muslims).

At least 50% of the victims of these gangs are Sikh Females of widely differing ages and I can draw a list of around 20 cases that I know of myself.

Sikhs really need to take a long hard look in the mirror and think why they are the victims and they don't seek justice.

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