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Two High Profile Events Coming Up

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There are two high profile events coming up where Sikhs can raise the issue of the abolition of the Death Penalty in India, the cases of Balwant Singh Rajoana, Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar and Jagtar Singh Hawara.

Sikhs attending these events should make senior UK politicians aware of the ‘revolution’ taking place in Punjab and the support for a Sikh homeland that is on the lips of many Sikhs in Punjab.

The first event is a Vaisakhi reception at 10 Downing Street on Monday 16th April 2012, from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm where the Prime Minister has invited the ‘great and the good’ from the Sikh community. Around 150 appear to have been invited. Ask around who has been invited from leading Sikh organisations, Gurdwaras etc.

The second event is a Vaisakhi function at Parliament on Tuesday 24 April between 7.00 pm to 10.00pm organised by the British Sikh Consultative Forum (BSCF). The theme for this event is ‘education’. Let those attending ‘educate’ UK politicians about the current predicament of the Sikhs.

Those attending both events should be publicly encouraged (via the two Sikh TV channels, radio stations, facebook etc.) to wear Keshri Dastaars and chunnis to these events. This a very practical way of demonstrating unity and support . Those allegic to Keshri will then be exposed when we see photographs and footage from these events.

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Well I didnt see any. And if there was, then it was not because of the negligence the Sikh Council or any group because Downing Street was made well aware of this: Dear Steve, My name is ****** , yo

Posted Images

This message has been shared with the Sikh Channel, Sangat TV, Panjab Radio, Desi Radio, those that organised the peace rally/march outside 10 Downing Street yesterday etc. At the moment all are silent on whether Sikhs attending these events should wear Keshri Dastaars and chunnis to these events and raise matters face to face with senior UK politicians.

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Only 1 Sikh turned up in a Keshri Dastaar at the 10 Downing Street Vaisakhi reception.

Good on Chaz Singh (see image below)

Davinder Singh Bal was present (see image below) - no wonder the Sikh Channel stayed silent about the event and did not encourage Sikhs to wear Keshri and show support for Balwant Singh Rajoana.

Looks like alcohol was being served at this Vaisakhi event, we had been told assurances had been given this would not happen - last year some Sikhs were turned away for wearing their Kirpans, other removed them and alcohol was served and this was largely brushed under the carpet.

Did any of those Amritdhari Sikhs present complain about the alcohol?

Some pictures are posted below so the Sangat can ask questions.










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So this is the Sikh 'elite.'..they have great double standards to live up to.

No gursikh influence on the drinks menu then.

Apparently there may also have been an issue with the food !

If they were not prepared to object to the alcohol and inappropriate food when celebrating Vaisakhi - no chance they would wear keshri and talk about Balwant Singh.

At least good to see no 'panthic' leaders present - they do not usually get invites to such things as they would object to the alcohol / food and may raise issues that politicians find uncomfortable.

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The below is even more worrying. Has the PM, UK government and its Sikh advisers have no clue about Vaisakhi


Prime Minister's message for Vaisakhi

Friday 13 April 2012

"Vaisakhi is a time to celebrate with loved ones and I hope that all those celebrating today enjoy this special time."behindfrontdoor-540.jpg

The Prime Minister David Cameron has sent warm wishes to those celebrating Vaisakhi.

Mr Cameron said:

“I would like to send my best wishes to the many Sikhs and Hindus in the United Kingdom and around the world as they celebrate Vaisakhi.

Your communities have demonstrated some of the values I believe are essential for building a stronger and better society: support for the family, a belief in enterprise, a pride in self reliance. The immense contribution to the cultural and economic fabric of this country is clear to see. In every area you have excelled and in doing so have

further enriched our society.

I think people of all faiths can identify with the celebration of Vaisakhi, that a good life is lived as part of a community, by living honestly and caring for others. This strong community spirit was demonstrated most memorably during the riots last summer when the community in South Ealing came together to protect and clean up their neighbourhood. There are many values that we share today; a belief in a strong community and the importance of the family.This is what unites us and makes us stronger.

Vaisakhi is a time to celebrate with loved ones and I hope that all those celebrating today enjoy this special time.”

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A generic template message, probably pulled out by the pm on diwali too.

I am annoyed by someone like Bhai Mohinder Singh's negligant acceptance of the alcholic beverages at a Sikh event for vasaikhi. We need to stop putting people on pedestals if they're not going to stand for asools.

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This is an absolute heartache for Panthic-minded Gursikhs. Why are our Sikh "leaders" so willing to readily compromise on Sikhi principles, just so that they get to hob-nob with the Prime Minister? Sikh Council UK members are also there - surely they must be held to account?

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This is an absolute heartache for Panthic-minded Gursikhs. Why are our Sikh "leaders" so willing to readily compromise on Sikhi principles, just so that they get to hob-nob with the Prime Minister? Sikh Council UK members are also there - surely they must be held to account?

What a load of nonsense this thread is.

Sounds like sour grapes from Sikhs who were not invited to the event lol. What you guys dont seem to realise is that this was a Vaisakhi celebration event not a protest march. It was organised by Downing Street after much persuasion by the Sikh community and this is only the second event running. To have it hijacked into a Panthic Morcha would jeapordise future events from taking place. Sikh Council UK, United Sikhs and other key individuals have already been talking and negotiating with top politicans about the Rajoana case etc. This was not the time or the place.

The majority of those that came to the event were 'moderate' Sikhs from the business community. However, there were also representatives from Sledgley Street Gurdwara, Bhai Mohinder Singh was there, and others such as Lord Inderjit Singh and Dr. Rai.

Sikh Council UK advised Downing Street that such an event should be alcohol free and vegetarian. Indeed, I saw no alcohol there but I saw lots of people drinking apple juice from wine glasses.

Regarding the point about Kesari Dastaars, again another totally ridiculous point. It was a celebratory event for the purposes of networking and developing relationships with Downing Street, not a protest march nor a religious event. Who gave the order that everyone should be wearing Kesari Dastaars and why? Most of the people that went down came straight from work so it would be totally impractical. Incidentally, there were members of the Sikh Federation present and they also opted not to wear Kesari Dastaars either, so where does that leave you?

This is a highly mischievous thread and I question the motives of those who have started it. Most likely it is sour grapes as they were not invited to the event?

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We also had a similar issue here in Leicester. There is a large annual event organised by a self appointed Sikh leader in conjunction with the county council called the “Guru Nanak Annual Lecture 2011”. A few of our members heard of the event and decided to go listen to the lecture. And surprise surprise, the first thing they are offered when they walk in was alcohol. The so called Sikh leader even came up to them after the lecture and said “come on boys let’s have a glassy”.

We have since been in touch with the county council, the councils main inter-faith body and the self appointed Sikh leader to ensure that this kind of practice does not take place again within any event (associated to the Sikh faith) organised by the council. They have agreed.

The truth of the matter is that the self appointed Sikh leader was only able to establish his position as the mainstream Sikh institutions had left an empty vacuum when it came to local council and government bodies engagement. If we leave vacuums, then unscrupulous characters will fill them.

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Sikh Council UK advised Downing Street that such an event should be alcohol free and vegetarian. Indeed, I saw no alcohol there but I saw lots of people drinking apple juice from wine glasses.

I have just had it confirmed to me that there was alcohol at the event and there were complaints lodged on the day about this.

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