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How Can I Memorize Jaap Sahib?

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Guest dasguruka

Ive been trying to memorize nitnem and I am stuck on Jaap Sahib. I want to memorize gurbani so I can sit an aasan and just recite gurbani to . Any tips how this can be accomplished? I heard a katha where the kathavaachak said that only those who come under Guru Gobind Singh's vision are able to memorize Jaap Sahib so this made it a bigger challenge for me mentally. Help appreciated. Thank You!

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though i have not memorized it - i did try and managed to memorize half of it. Go to gurmatveechar.com and download bhai jarnail singhj's jaap sahib recitation. then basically keep listening to it. you have to listen to it a lot and recite the bani in synchronization with him. also regularly read jaap sahib. after about a month ot two you will learn it off by heart but then you have to regularly do about 2 jaap sahib otherwisw you will forget it. The other option is to find jaap sahib in a musical form and do the same as above. you really have to listen to it a lot either way, easily 10 times a day

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with Gods grace I have memorised it a couple of years back, here is a good idea , u cant do it all at once, stanza by stanza, recite one stanza all day or all week (in addition to doing the path from the gutka) and that way you will learn it , however long it takes but stanza by stanza. here is an audio which will help. also know the meaning of what u say, here is an english katha with word by word translation in simple english of jaap sahib, it is taken from Prof Sahib Singh Jis nitnem steek and all the words are broken down to their roots and than a meaning is also done line by line here are two videos, one of jaap sahib in easy audio just follow the links and one of jaap sahib english katha

easy to learn jaap sahib

english katha of jaap sahib
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