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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ka Fateh. I have come across this person lying or misinterpreting Sikhi with a one sided view. I want to come up with the truth, that is answer his so called rebuttals and illogicality of Sikhi. Can anyone please see his arguments on Sikhi and tell me what the reality behind them is? That is answer his questions? His name is Abu Adeeba:


I have also seen him add many Sikhs as friends on Facebook from whose profiles, I am sure, he takes Gurbani and misinterprets it etc.

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I came across the following site, they've also a facebook page:


"Welcome to the world's first and currently only Islam-Sikhism da'wah (invitation to Islam) initiative.

Our new and improved site contains more articles and material than ever before, and all praise is for Allaah alone. We ask new visitors to read About Us before jumping to premature conclusions.

All rebuttals received shall be published in full providing they adhere to the universal rules of debate, i.e. they must be in response to articles on this site and specific to the subject chosen."

Just 3 of the articles on the site listed below:

'G*ru Game Hunters' : http://www.islam-sik...anim/anim01.htm

'The attributeless W*heg*ru' : http://www.islam-sik...eo/sifaat01.htm

'The neglectful G*ru N*nak' : http://www.islam-sik.../neglect01.htm.

What are we doing about this? can we report this site? how to ban it? its full of baseless cr*p.

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How about u clear that up a bit more my friend so I can understand u.

How about you just visit the site and see the info first hand lol?

Trying to find a solution of how to get the site banned/this content removed veerji.

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I have got a better solution, answer his questions one by one. We can easily expose him. His crap is nothing more than opening a book and randomly taking a few lines. Plus his name is Abu Adeeba, a Pakistani gentleman living in the UK.

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They do not need to be replied. I doubt any Sikh would waste their time with that site, which twists words and openly insults Siri SatGuru Nanak Dev Ji.

There is so much hatred on their website its disgusting. I wonder how they believe they will actually achieve anything by insulting Vaheguru and SatGuru Ji, they will achieve nothing.

These people are hiding behind this page, I believe they read this site's forum too (which is why this has to be a CLOSED FORUM, only MEMBERS should be able to view content).

I have read most of their content and its really childish, its a typical Muslim arguement, my god is better than your god, my prophet is better than your guru and so on and so forth.

What the SIKHS here should understand completely, that even if Allah came down and told them that Sikhi is the true way, they will never listen, they only believe what is in the Qu'ran and their Sunni Hadiths.

So, ignore them. Educate yourself in Gurbani and do your naam simran, these insects are nothing....trust me if a discussion were to take place, they would not be able to handle it,plus I would rather meet them face to face, it makes things more interesting, I really doubt they would have the back bone to do that... :cool2:

Its a waste of your time...

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