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Guest Lohri

Sat Sri Akal,

Just thought I would share with you all.

I had the pleasure of watching a new video series on youtube, by a user called basicsofsikhi.

The videos are made of him giving english translations of Gurmukhi to the Southall Sangat. I was blown away by his ability to connect to all pillars of the community. And many of the people who were in attendance were western sikhs, on their quest to follow sache marag,

He is also active on facebook also.

I defiantly recommend viewing if you have free time.

Chardi Kala

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yes, i agree, I have watched alot of Bhai Sahibs videos, they are just what is needed right now

here is a link to the youtube page where you can find all the videos, i love the way they are really easy to understand


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    • 1st week i started skipping my legs hurt so much afterwards i couldn't go up the stairs! i actually went up and down sitting on the stairs lol   but now 4 weeks in i can skip 40 mins and still can go on longer.   i feels really good under the sun  sweaty and everything lol    t shirt gets drenched though which is annoying, i would skip with my top off but i have a very conservative shy sri lankan woman living nxt door and our wall is low and it would just be really awkward   shes really shy of me anyway.     it feels good doing it under the sun with the heat   
    • I can eat a lot at one go and then not eat for like 8 or 9 hours   but i spread it out to 3 or 4 times. iv stopped eating chocolate, sweets, etc  i had a sandwich in the morning vegan and now i just had a vegan burger in a brown bread roll, gnna skip for around 40 mins later on and then at night have roti.   if i hadn't had the burger i probably would of had porridge. but burger was really filling. the actual burger was 94cals   i have actually noticed a slight difference.  im not even fat, im not even big im only around 5ft8 and naturally slim, but last few weeks iv started developing this repulsive pig like looking layer of fat which i wanna get rid off!  i took my top off in front of the mirror and was like <banned word filter activated> do i look like but since iv started cutting down on food and the skipping, and doing other fat loss stuff from youtube iv actually noticed a difference. i eat fruit as well, strawberries, berries, apple, banana etc    greet tea, nettle tea etc i read somewhere treat your body like a temple and not a dustbin 
    • It is best to visit. Go there with an objective mind. It is important to look from several factors: -Employment  (remember that Canada likes to have something called 'Canadian Experience ', they may not recognise your qualifications and experience. You may need to re-train or go to a more junior role) -Housing (it is very expensive out there, probably more expensive than the UK) -Cost of Living (some things are more expensive there) -Schooling (if you have kids) You will have a different perspective to someone going from Punjab. Therefore your thinking is going to be more from a British perspective.  There is a show on BBC called Wanted Down Under. Even though this for British Expats looking to Australia and New Zealand, there are a lot of useful pointers and you can adapt that to Canada. There is also a website called Britishexpats.com, quite useful. Also when you go out there talk to apneh who moved from the UK, that will provide the best insight. Best of Luck!  
    • Part one of the series    Bhai Bala meets Guru Angad Dev Ji   
    • I live just outside London I have not yet been to Canada- plan to visit within a few months I only have friends of friends or relatives of relatives in Canada. One of these is in Surrey and is a 'Realtor' I will have no problems with points system due to nature of my job which will mean it's easy for me to go to any province
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