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Need Sikh Brothers in Manchester Area!


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Guru Fateh everyone

i need sme help from my sikh brothers in manchester area.

i met this guy online selling me samsung s3 galaxy for $360

and claims head office to be in manchester area.

here are the details to be exact:

Company Name: BM3 Limited

Address : 120A REDDISH LANE

City/state : MANCHESTER


Zipcode : M18 7JL

Registration number for company is 07899230

i don't know if this guy is for real or not. i have the guy's mobile

number and was hoping for some brother to help me out by

checking this guy out... is he legit? is he really selling the s3 galaxy

for $360 and original? i'm available on skype and google talk


i'm hoping for some feedback from someone close in the area who

can verify this company.

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It looks like his a con-man or something of the like.

Google B3 limited and this is what you'll get:

"B3 Limited

35 St Pauls Square


B3 1QX

B3 Limited - Registered in England & Wales - Number: 06706241

Registered Office: 4 Station Court, Girton Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 0EJ"

That address shown in google is not of manchester and more importantly the number doesn't match the company number you've been provided with.

In short the guy doesn't seem legit so I'd say don't proceed with his offer as its likely you won't get the product.

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It still looks like its not real to me. No je sorry I don't know anyone in manchester but I googled the company bm3 limited this time and it just screaming "scam" out at me. Even though "companycheck.co.uk" contains the information you provided I'd still not place the order if I was you je. Better to be safe than sorry right?

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Companieshouse website shows that the registered address for that company number is in staffordshire.


As they say, Sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't

I'm sorry... but i'd mistaken the address as B3 Limited... the correct address is BM3 Limited. iS anyone in

Manchester who can personally check and inspect for me? I'll pay for your time and expenses if you're

worried about that.

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