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Movie on Sikh General Hari Singh Nalua

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In this today modern day society there have been a number of films in punjabi cinema. We thought of a revolution, by competing the quality of 300 spartans which was a hollywood movie, and so now here we bring the story of a General. The story of Hari Singh Nalua.

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Fateh !

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AkashdeepSBatth, on 12 September 2012 - 01:24 AM, said:

so now here we bring a story of a General, a General without whom maharaj ranjit Singh was nothing.

No doubt Hari Singh Nalwa was an outstanding general. He won many victories and achieved a lot in gaining territories in the North West part of the raj.. And he would have achieved much more had he not met his untimely death as a result of injuries in a battle. However, Ranjit Singh had already proved himself to be very able general and established himself as the most powerful man and the ruler of most of Punjab before Hari Singh Nalwa came into his service. There were some other great generals in Ranjit Singh's army working in different sectors. Hari Singh Nalwa was engaged in the toughest areas on the Northwest and the western part of Kashmir. No doubt Nalwa did play the key role in expanding the Khalsa Raj in that direction (North West), but to say that Ranjit Singh was nothing without Hari Singh Nalwa would be making an extreme insult to Ranjit Singh who had already established the Khalsa Raj in Punjab. I hope, you being the director have not tried to create the impression in the movie that Ranjit Singh was nothing without Hari Singh Nalwa.

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