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Is it ok to listen to morning 5 Bani instead of do?

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AS long as u can "listen" or reciting in mind as the bani is playing audio.. its fine. else what is "sarvaN bhagti"??

infact.. bhagatji (Jaswant Singh Ji.. DDT student of Baba Gurbachan singh ji Bhindrawaley).. check gursevak.com frequently says do exercise along with listening bani.. 2 in 1. :)

ofcourse.. sitting and reading it is more beneficial.

but if no time then as i said above is not wrong too.. provided u r "listening" and not playing xbox ..lol!! well.. same goes with reading too.. most of us read but mind is on tonites NBA match..so i guess u get my point.. u wanna be a mastana go ahead but concentration should be on nitnem!

as far as maryada given by pal ji.. no harm in it too!

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Obviously it is more beneficial to do the 5 bani.

A common misconception is just by reciting Gurbani you are benefiting.

Listen to every word, and most importantly, whether you listen or do, apply what you listen to in your life. That's what it's all about!

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The nitnem is laid down in the Sikh Rahit Maryada that every Sikh should daily recite japji, japu sahib, rehras and Soihila. But don't confuse this hukam with ritualism, it's not the reading that's important, it's the understanding and application in everyday life. If you a having issues due to time or in conflicting with your duties, try to learn them by heart or just recite the mool mantar, but do so with pure devotioon. This bliss can also be obtained bu nam simran. There are various ways in which a Sikh becomes enlightened. For example, if one was to go to Boali Sahib gurdwara, they will see that Sri Guru Amardas Ji states that one should bathe in the Baoli and recite the japji 84 times to obtain release from the cycles of birth and death. It's not the number of times that's important, it's submitting to wahereguru.....as in, one can do it 84, 94 or even 184 times withiut pure devotion , which don't equal a person doing it just once with a pure heart and dhian.


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And since when did you guys know what Sikhi teachings are. Of course you CANNOT do your nitnem by just listening to it on a computer. The maryada is sitting on the floor cross legged with a parna/hazuria around you neck and read the 5 banis with love and concentration from a Gutka Sahib. Even from memory isn't emphazised unless you are doing as lot of Gurbani abyaas. Keep your eyes focused on the Guru Shabad. Let your ears hear your recital. If i don';t see the Gurbani akhar i feel unwell and seperated. The Guru's darshan is essential.

Too many new ages hoody khalsa's with their mp3 players glued to their ears. This isnt nitnem, this isn't abyaas that will bear fruit. Its only sharia law - o'h ive done my 5 bania know i can act like a bad man for the rest of the day.

Was it 6th lord who said that the nectar of bani sticks to anyone. W.e works for you, you should have the sense to know the dif. better you listen than you don't. I'm not even gonna get into who the SGPC is who makes the maryada that they don't even follow, tbh, remember the whole family thing means live practically, don't quit ur job and let your kids starve to do 20 hrs of bani everyday. U know what to do..

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