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An Introduction to the Sacred Language of the Sikhs (Gurbani Grammer English)

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How is this compared to other grammar books? Any big differences? Compared to Prof. Sahib Singh etc.


Prof. Sahib Singh's Gurbani grammar is a little bit hard to understand and you differently need to have a good amount of knowledge of Gurmukhi to understand.

Gyani Harbans Singh Ji also wrote a Gurbani Grammer called 'Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn which is far easier to understand then Prof. Sahib Singh's

Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn

This one by Christopher Shackle is written for beginners or who dont have any knowledge of Gurmukhi so this one would be great for anyone is it very easy to understand and each of the lessons build on each other. Waheguru

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    • This is what happens when you are overwhelmed by muslim demographics unfortunately it only takes one spark, you think you living in peace and security with you friendly nice muslim neighbors and then all of a sudden some crazy power hungry outsider muslim molvi zealot rolls up in town starts to use quran and sunnah to justify their evil intentions on your non-muslim community and there starts the conflict and has done throught islams history of invasions, mass rapes, genocides and forced conversions. Same thing happened to yazidi's in iraqi and syria recently. The experience of kashmiri Sikhs is almost the same as the genocide of afghan Sikhs. Only a few steps away from full on genocide of kashmiri and pakistani sikhs. Daily Sikhs are harassed, disciminated and mocked and told to cut their hair to change their religion if they don't they get attacked. Their daughters and sisters groomed and blackmailed to convert to islam. Even the head granthi of nankana sahibs daughter wasnt spared. And if we speak about this oppression we are called islamohobic. Nonsense they are the sikhphobic scum who are oppressing our community not other war around. We are allowed to talk about our community oppression under their hands. The day Sikhs do that to their community they can talk about islamophobia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4SCGes4rVo   Muhammad azar alam the indian punjabi muslim who made alam sena the black cat indian terrorist group responsible for Sikh youths in the 90s was caught trying to groom and convert Sikh youths to islam not long ago. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Sikh-body-blames-former-DGP-of-conversion/articleshow/21147543.cms        
    • What should be the width and length of kachhera ?
    • India has a fair share of leftist liberal elite class which is much hated by the hindu nationalists. 
    • I hear what you are saying.  It seems that Delhi Sikh men are soft and Delhi Sikh women don't value them. So much do they not value Delhi Sikh men that they prefer hindu men. There is a whole load of inter-sexual dynamics at play. This is my take (this is just my opinion) I think 1984 has had an impact in the eyes of Delhi Sikh women that they cannot see Delhi Sikh men in the same way. Delhi Sikh men could not protect them and they see Delhi Sikh men as weak. Women can show great disloyalty and will side with who they think is stronger. That is what I think. I may not be completely correct but I reckon there is probably some truth in what I am saying.  
    • Recent (I'm talking the past 10 years or so) reassessment of Islamic encroachment into India, particularly from Western sources, has shifted to, "The Mughals did some great things for India and its people, too." It's like walking up to a Jew, and saying, "Stop crying about the Holocaust. The Nazis created Fanta, Volkswagen, and the Autobahn. Be a little grateful for their contributions!" Can you see history being gradually shifted to this point of view regarding Nazi Germany? No, me neither.
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