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Taksali shastars

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ooo , i went to order bana today. i dont know a thing about what kind of cloth to use lol

btw i work in morhali . where you at?

To tell you the truth I had no clue where we were at lol...The driving scared me so I was mostly worrying about the cars that might hit us lol...My mami lives in chandigarh and I had to give her a wedding invitation...After nihal I we went to fategargh sahib...I took some pictures and I met a really old chardi kala nihang Singh there...

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Yep - the bolt thing spoils a great shaster. Its worth enquiring if the bolt can be omitted. Like I said, looking at the tulwar that I have and others I've seen, the bolt does not seem necessary.

They look dumb lol

They have some nice axes and katars there from what I heard...Might visit them tommorow..

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getting mine on 25 :(

I got mine yesterday :D

I went to ratoval yesterday...I bought three Kirpans one new Sri sahib and one Puratan Sri sahib...

The Puratan Sri sahib cost 12,500 rupees...The three Kirpans and two foot Sri sahib cost 6500 rupees...I was really pleased :)

I will take pictures later...

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In dukhniwaran Patiala taksal sells shasters at in very concessional rates then last shop in lane has rare shasters like teer kaman and iron teers Singhs can buy these shasters,

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