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Amrit Sanchar Sat 13th April 2013 West Brom Gurdwara Sri Guru Har Rai Birmingham

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Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Vahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Sangat Ji,

AMRIT SANCHAAR on SATURDAY 13th April 2013 9am in Birmingham.

If you would like to take Amrit and do not have the transport or have difficulty to get there, then please email us on sikhishop@live.co.uk . We will arrange to provide transport for you from your home to the Amrit Sanchar and back FREE OF CHARGE.

We can pick you up from anywhere in the UK, if you are travelling from abroad then we can pick you from any UK airport. This is for the Amrit Sanchar held this Saturday and service will also be provided throughout the year.

Kakkars can also be provided. Remember to take full ishnaan (including Kes - hair) and wear fresh clothing.

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I don't think that's a taksali gurdwara uno

I think it just follows the normal akaal takt mryada becuse

im shure that gurdwara follows the domeli baba  and he wants from the taksal or part of any jatabani so it would be the akal takt 

I used to go there when I lived by there Its such a good gurdwara I remember meeting baba ji I forgot he's name 

the singhs there are  very  charicala there I remember seeing traditianal Sikh kirtan with a tanpura and dilruba 

I hope I revisit its been so long since iv not gone there 

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