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Singh, Mahan

The Book “The Gallaant Defender” By A.r Darshi

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Today I happened to watch Sangat TV (U.K.) on Internet. There was a discussion about Operation Blue Star . They mentioned the book “The Gallaant Defender” by A.R Darshi . The author A.R Darshi is a non Sikh.

This book is must read for all who are interested in knowing the background of the preplanned holocaust .

The English edition of this book can be downloaded from (or can be read online at) the website http://www.bhindranwale.net

The book can be downloaded from the following URL

(1) http://www.bhindranwale.net/sikhismbooks/The-Gallant-Defender-Sant-Jarnail-Singh.pdf

(2) For eBook (free download)

(2) http://ebookbrowse.com/the-gallant-defender-sant-jarnail-singh-pdf-d53261092

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one of the best books on this topic, imo. also, probably the best book to use if you want to convince someone who refuses to accept sikh sources b/c they think sikh sources are ''bias''.

which is kind of funny, b/c they wouldn't think a white person commenting on western culture or history or politics is bias... hmmmm..... people need to reexamine their unconscious prejudices

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This is a really good book, I haven't read the whole thing but I started reading it today.   The author ar darshi was a Punjabi dalit and he writes about how bhamans have been stabbing sikhs and Indians in the back since the beginning. No political correctness but very honest book.


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    • Appreciate context, brother. There's a time and a place for the issues you've highlighted. You know I've participated in those discussions, and 99% of the time we share the same opinions on those issues. This particular topic is clearly focused on Judeo-Christian subjects, and by me not referring to Hinduism in this instance and context makes sense. It's irrelevant to what was being discussed. That doesn't mean I'm undercover RSS, lol. 
    • I laughed so hard at ur rant. Thanks.   
    • What do Hindus have to do with those of us living in the West who encounter the affects of the existence and various systems of practice relating to Jews, Christians, and Muslims? Of what concern are Hindus to the OP who started this thread as it relates to their influence in spreading their respective doctrines in Hyde Park? Your deviousness and hostility is interesting to note, particularly as I've been unequivocally vocal in my criticism of the Hindu community and their malign influence on our history on many, many occasions, and yet you give the impression that by focusing on the Semetic 3 I'm apparently giving a pass to Hindus on this occasion? I'm not going to drag that group into every discussion to make you happy just because you have an axe to grind with them on a personal basis. It's not my problem you've been targeted by them in the past. Maybe you don't know how to behave around people which is why they don't like you? You're pi55ing me off and I'm not a Hindu. Am I suddenly Gangu reborn? 😂 India is NOT the world. Hinduism is not the sole root of problems that plague those of us living in the West. Get this through your head. You've reached a conclusion I wasn't even thinking of. This topic is focused on the big 3 religions of the desert. As a person living in the West, I'm exposed to the followers and the teachings of these religions on a daily basis. The every day culture of which I unwittingly participate has been formed in large part by the contributions of these three religions.  I have every right to draw attention to the malign influences of these people on our lives. The fact that you choose to obscure this message by dragging the Hindus into an unrelated discussion is telling of your frame of mind. Like I said to you previously, if you don't know how to conduct yourself around men, just don't reply to me with your nonsense. I've been very tolerable of you in the past, but you are pushing your luck. Behave yourself before I get personal again. Before you engage in discussion with me, think before sending submit. I don't want to be exposed to your foolishness. 
    • Yeah I n high school and everyone had a drink from the same chalice, wine representing Jesus's  blood etc etc.
    • LOL.  Funny how u think hindus / baahmans are our friends. Such gullibility and utter foolishness have destroyed sikh interests before and will continue to, unless sheeple wake up. The writing on the wall of history is clear for all to read. Gangu, chandu, lakhpat rai, pahadi raaje, and then the dogra traitors .  Remember cousins are often the most unholy of enemies. 

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