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Sri Lankan Senalese Buddhist State Terrorism Against Tamils


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Ive just read the about 30years ago today in 1983 3,000+ innocent tamil civilians were murdered by the buddhist majority sinhalese in state sanctioned riots/genocide much like the innocent indian Sikh civilians faced in India in nov 1984 from congress party hindu/muslim members. The events in 1983 in Sri Lanka triggered the Tamils into a militant force that could not be stopped as they had the ultimate weapon the suicide bomber. They fought a tough war for their freedom but were crushed in 2009 in a big genocide after funding dried up and lack of geo-political support due to the western corrupt master criminal royal families and the rothschild bankster run governments stopped the allowing of funding to tamil armed freedom organisations and other liberation orgs (like the Sikh and kurdish freedom fighting forces) in 2001 under anti terrorism legislation.

We can see parallel between the Sikh struggle for freedom from the corrupt mafia run indian union and the tamil and others around the world. We can see how the powerful corrupt armed "democratic" western regimes of the world under the commonwealth (whose head is the queen of england) aid each other against already oppressed and crushed minorities who were justly fighting for their own freedom to live in dignity away from persecution.

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