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Proper Way To Care For Shatsers At Home

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Dear Sangat,

Many of us have rooms with either Pothi's or Guru Granth Sahib full saroop and along we have shasters displayed (khanda's, kirpans, chakars, etc, etc). I never really understood why we do so (have the shasters dispalyed)? Can anyone explain?

Also how are we to care for the shasters and properly respect them on a daily basis? I know some singhs do Dhoof and Bati to the shasters...but is there something else as well that should be done.

I have seen that many of the Nihung Singh and others have a very deep respect for the shasters and do its pooja and they view it as a part of sargun parmatmaa.

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Shasters, bhagauti, bedeli,serohi all names of a shaster, back in maharajs time maharaj had a seperate palki for shasters and a chaur used to go on top of the shasters and it used to be the same height as maharajs takht (throne), we keep shasters infront of maharaj cos shasters are like Guru!"Sri bhagauti Ji sahai" "saif serohi sehethi yehei humarey peer" the shasters r our peer and have enough respect of Guru ji.

And the shaster seva part: if its Sarbloh clean shasters weekly or 2 weeks to maintain seva, with a micture- lemon juice,fairy liquid and some water all evend out and rub on the blade to keep rust off, also I reconmend using coconut oil on blades but re oil after 1-2 weeks as it dries up. Put dhoop on and put the paath "Shaster naam mala" on wen doing seva, also after Rehras read Aarti Aarta paath with shaster parkash hav dhoop on and a jypt from kyu (ghee) and have flower petals and when the bhangatee (line) "foolan ki barkaa barakaavey" comes put flower petals on the shasters with dhoop and finish bani. Always do namaskaar to ur shasters as its respect, so mata tek to it. Even Baba Nihal Singh ji does so and tells people to.

That's all that has come to mind at the moment ji bhul chuk maaf

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The mot important seva of shastar is learning how to use them. Sadly this is something majority of quom do not take seriously. It's much more a spoken subject than a practiced one.

The same way it is disrespectful to keep gutke or have Maharajs prakaash at home, but never do paath from them, or khoj in them, same is true for this expanding culture in our Panth of naujwaan keeping museum collections of shastar on display but never training and with them daily or partaking in Yudh Abhyaas.

To keep Bani or Shastar at home and not making daily and intelligent effort to LEARN form them is nothing more than Idol Worship.

When one see's the LIVING benefit which derived from Bhagti and Shakti, then one's prem is automatically kindled and the SEVA and affection described in the above posts becomes an act of LOVE rather than an historic ritual.

Enliven the Khalsa Marg.


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