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Healthy Hair And Split Ends

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So I used to have long, strong and beautiful hair, don’t what happened over last two years but now my hair volume is halved, strands are thin and the ends are completely dry, brittle and weak. :(

Whenever I wash or comb my hair, like long strands are just continuously coming out. It’s real scary as I’m in my early 20’s.

Some background: I do have dandruff - my scalp is extremely flaky and itchy so I use an anti-dandruff shampoo. I’ve recently started using an antifungal cream in my scalp which has given me some relief. I never curl or straighten my hair and style my hair in anyway. I always air dry in the sun (only blow dry if it an absolutely must), and I do put some light oils like Moroccan oil to moisturise my hair.

So I appreciate your suggestions for the following questions:

  1. What can I do to prevent hair fall- i.e. make my hair stronger?
  2. Since trimming is out of the question, how do I treat my annoying split ends? Is there any product that helps binds the strands together?
  3. My friends say I should leave my hair out for a few days and not tie in bun/guutt for better air ventilation. Is this true?
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To be honest, trimming hair wont make much difference, its the health of the hair/scalp.

I cut my hair and i have really damaged hair. :(

I suggest the following;

Steaming your hair. I know it sounds odd but it adds moisture to your hair/scalp (Will help with both split ends and your dry scalp.

Basically, put a oil in your hair (scalp as well), use your fingertips to massage your scalp (dont rub it - that breaks hair). Wrap your head in cling film/shower cap and steam your hair. It works wonders!!

Morrocan oil is good but its dry oil. you want to start using a heavy oil (castor oil -mixed with olive oil or coconut oil) or just cocnut oil or amla oil. Do this overnight at least once a week.

I usually walk around the house with a oily head for 1 whole day and night and also if im washing my hair mid-week, i'll leave oil in it pre washing for atleast 30 mins.

Most importantly - get some healthy hair,skin, nails tablets from Holland and Barretts. I really noticed a difference with them!

Get a blood test done - Vit A/E/D deficiencies help cause bad hair/scalp.

I hope this works!!!

Oh, you can also get hydrating hair masks!! :)

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leaving your hair open in night is one of the things
just tie a lose rumal or patka , tie your kanga with kirpan or if wearing pj's you can put it in pocket

i always keep one extra

so did Sant Jarnail singh ji

so that kanga will not come off

if you do not keep your hair loose
it gets dandruff

and all the bad things happn

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