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My Videos On Youtube! About Sikh Art And Heritage

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hi guys, so basically iv uploaded four videos on YouTube. their about Sikh art mostly, which I feel has been ignored. so I was a fine art student at uni and most of my art was based on traditional indian art, such as the various schools of miniature paintings in northern india i.e. the pahari schools, Punjab plains, Kashmiri style etc. so over the three years I collected over 1000 pictures of art and some photography as part of my research, I used postcards, internet, books etc so now that iv finished uni I decided to get rid of all the pics that I saved as I need space on my pc. but then I decided to upload the pictures instead as I feel Sikh art is completely ignored by people! most people probably don't even know Sikh art exists or that Sikhs historically were subjects of many artists. during maharaja ranjit singhs time, art in Punjab was at its peak, he employed many artists from up and down the country making the art of Punjab arguably the most diverse and fascinating art in india, today its been completely ignored. during ranjit singhs reign Amritsar was famed for its wall paintings/frescoes, nearly every single building in Amritsar was decorated with beautiful frescoes. temples were completely covered with wall paintings to the point where you couldn't even see the bricks, today most of these old buildings in Amritsar have been destroyed a replaced with ugly "modern" buildings, which completely destroys the character of the old walled city. so iv decided to upload some pics rather than just delete them all. maybe its because I have passion for art and feel like art should not be forgotten and destroyed!

iv got two videos of paintings and two of old photographs which show the character of the old walled city.

the most exiting thing I researched was how the image of guru nanak has changed in the last couple of hundred years, early paintings of guru nanak from the19th century depict guru nanak as a wondering faqir or yogi, completely different to how artist portray him now. im making a video of this aswell but its long so its going to take a while. iv also started making one with historical depictions of guru gobind, which are not that different to how artist depict him now.

so I was just wondering did I make these videos ok? how can I improve them? iv never made videos before. so how can I improve them? is the message clear? please be honest lol

the link is at the top


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