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Stop Donating In Golaks (Sgpc Vs Hsgmc)

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हम संगत को, पैसों का माथा टेकना बंद करना चाहिए, क्योकि धरम का पैसे से कोई लेन देंन नही, भक्ति तो अपने आप में पूर्ण होती है, उसके लिए पैसे की क्या आवश्यकता.

I wrote an article against the rising HSGMC vs SGPC clash,

THought about the cause of such committees clashing with each other.

Isnt this a Masand-vaad. Which needs to be curbed right now and forever.

THe article is in Hindi. If you dont know hindi, we can translate the same.



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There is no need for money or the golak. Instead sangat can do sewa voluntarily. I have seen that gurdwaras can be perfectly managed without golaks as well.

All the fight whether it's gurdwara elections or court cases or fights inside the gurdwaras are because GOLAK....ONLY GOLAK.

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