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Stolen Years: A Memoir Of Simranjit Singh Mann's Imprisonment

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This book will be available by 11 sep 2014

Stolen Years: A Memoir of Simranjit Singh Mann's Imprisonment Hardcover – 11 Sep 2014 by Pavit Kaur

In 1984, Simranjit Singh Mann resigned from the Indian Police Service in protest of Operation Blue Star, the Indian Army operation ordered by Indira Gandhi, then prime minister, that cleared the Golden Temple complex of Sikh militants. Mann was subsequently charged, among other things, with conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A passionate Sikh whose radical beliefs were honed by his family, Mann went underground and was apprehended while trying to flee the country. He spent five years in prison, after which all charges were dropped.

Three decades after Blue Star, his daughter Pavit Kaur looks back on the years her father spent in prison. In this disarmingly honest and emotionally charged account, Pavit Kaur documents her father’s hellish journey through the Indian prison system. This is also a personal story and the story of a family during one of the most fraught times in India's history.

‘A fascinating account of how Operation Blue Star turned life for a prosperous Sikh family into hell. The author, daughter of the controversial Sikh politician Simranjit Singh Mann, who spent five years in jail on a trumped-up charge of sedition, says, “Bhindranwale shared an ideology with my father: a separate homeland for the Sikhs”’—Satish Jacob, veteran journalist

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    • I see what u did there.  Swam-i singh I had heard that there was also a time when sikhs would go take ishnaan at harmandar sahib to thumb their noses at the guards. But this woukd be the time when the sarovar was not filled up in the seige.  Also that there was a grouo of singhs. And they woukd go each night to light the jot. And would get captures each time...
    • This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.  I always wanted to add the British and Persian sources to our history. And this person has done so. For example they say Dr Cole did the sutures for Sri Guru Gobind singj ji. I would love to find that account.  The way he added the last names to the singhs seemed wrong. But it also helps to connect with them. That these heroic ppl really were our ancestors. (Its nice to see my last name there And the infighting and betrayal by our own ppl, is very hard to read about. But hey at least it shows what we were going through now isnt new.  The painting that he put for Akali phula singh is so beautifully rendered. I used to think before the enlightenment period (when they started experimenting with 3D painting and lighting) that all olden paintings looked 2D and flat. But even without using the european somber colors and life size figures,  the painting shows everything with perfect proportions and depth. The colors are nice too. I love the word warrior-priests. Totally gonna replace saint-soldiers. 
    • Forgive me, I dont mean to be offensive. But what is the Truth? It sounds so vague and hippyish. You can say anything.  It is simply the Truth....it is simply the Void....all.these religions are false, there is only the Way.  Are you trying to say there is no afterlife, no philosophy, no teachings except of morality? 
    • I meant literally. It is hard to send a spoon thru the computer screen. But figuratively, it also works. If that person had asked kindly for further explanation or the exact shabad. It would be easy to spoon feed that info as you mentioned. But they commanded that I stop quoting gurbani (unless done to their specific guidelines). So yeah difficult to spoon feed a stubborn person.
    • They have a solution for that. The right wing is claiming that the Taj mahal used to be a shivji temple and was overtaken by the mughals. 
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