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    • This thread smacks of hypocrisy. Sikhs are the most obsessed with going abroad out of all communities in India. Often using illegal methods. Travelling through dangerous South American jungles, Mexican deserts, hiding in wheel compartments of aeroplanes, going to fake colleges. All just to get to Amreeka or Inglaand.  A lot will make up excuses that they are being oppressed in India, but thats nonsense, its all for material gain. They are not fleeing Iraq, Syria, Rwanda. What do these unparh illegals do in the West? 10 of them live in one house, they continue their heavy drinking and drugs, harass local Sikh girls. Are they enriching the countries they move to? We are the bhaiyas of the west.  
    • Whenevr we talk of spiritual stuff , it's better we quote from sikh scriptures to back that.  I think this should be an unwritten rule amongst ourselves here 
    • Sri Gur Gobind Singh Ji was born in Patna, Bihar.    Granted, these individuals come with their own traditions/habits - chewing and spitting paan (tobacco) and smoking cigarettes which is bad BUT, this is not enough for one to discriminate them based upon their geolocation/caste.  The Guru's never discriminated other castes. Instead, they embraced them and taught them otherwise. I.e. Kauda Raaksih and Gur Nanak Dev Ji.    I'm against the caste hatred as it's simply not GurSikhi. GurSikhi is compassion, love, understanding and being righteous. There are other ways you can talk to someone to get your point across. Being discriminative and aggresive is not always the best option.  
    • I don’t see a problem with it. The only thing is it shouldn’t ruin the whole movement that the farmers have worked so hard for. The guy who led the charge is actor Deep Sidhu (lead actor from Jora). All the YouTube comments are calling him an agent. I don’t know much else about the guy.
    • Some mona put on a parna for a day (or maybe for just a  few minutes) and hoisted a flag for a second in a meaningless symbolic gesture that will be used as an excuse to brutally put down the protests.   Wonderful.
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