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Patti Likhi - Help Please

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Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh

Piare Sangat ji

A simple request for help finding resources, I would like to study and also teach Patti Likhi as a first Sikhia to my daughter and Sons when they start studying Gurmukhi again this time. I have found a site with translations etc. but I would love to know if there is Katha recorded online and perhaps Kirtan rendition to help absorption into Mann. Please Help and also give guidance how best to proceed introducing banis to them . Thank you

Gyani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen.

PAANDHA JI ne GURU NANAK nu patti ute likh k ditta "URRA" ate keha -
NANAK JI , is nu paddo "URRA"
Maharaj kehnde is de pehle arth te daso... bina arth to kiwe parra...

PAANDHA - NANAK ik akhar da koi matlab nai hunda, 2-4 akhar mil k koi shabad bnaun , usde arth hunde ne,
NANAK- Par PAANDHA JI koi sanketak arth te honge, jo kuj ishaara karde hovan...

PAANDHA - nai, ik akhar de koi arth nai hunde..
NANAK - Toh kya fer eh akhar bey-maine hai ???
PAANDHA- Haan, eh ik akhar Bey-maine hai.

NANAK- Toh fer eh Bey-maine akhar GURU NANAK ne nai parrna...
PANDHA - Dekho NANAK JI , tusi PATWAARI de puttar ho, sir khapaayi na karo, agar tuhanu arth pta hai to tusi hi dasdo, mainu te nai pta...

Aap sun k hairaan hovoge, MAHARAJ ne is "URRE" Akhar to hi "ONKAAR" likh dita,
"IK ONKAAR" sirf "URRA" hai vich...
NANAK - PAANDHA JI , agar aunde hovan, ta ik ik akhar de v arth hunde ne, ik ik akhar di v vyaakhya hundi hai...
Othe hi Maharaj ne baani uchaaran kiti...

asa mahala 1

also if you know of the Bani that Kabir wrote about akhars also I would appreciate knowing more

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One is Bavsn Akhri in raag Gauri at ang340 by Kabir ji , and Gauri Bawan Akhri M5 by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji just before Sukhmani Sahib in SGGS.Which one you like to discuss

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One is Bavsn Akhri in raag Gauri at ang340 by Kabir ji , and Gauri Bawan Akhri M5 by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji just before Sukhmani Sahib in SGGS.Which one you like to discuss

I think everyone will benefit with knowledge of both ...thank you veer ji

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    • The irony of it all is that he attacked a pro-khalistan gurdwara out of his misplaced hate for Sikhs over kashmir when these type of pro-khalitan Sikhs are the only ones that been having sympathy for kashmiri muslims. Out of all the gurdwara's to attack he had to attack one that has alot of militant minded Sikhs that go there, I'm guessing they going to be very angry right about now and wising up to the agenda of jihadi's.  
    • No offence brother/sister but your reply doesn't make any sense! Like really how can you judge Delhi Sikhs like that?  1. 1984 has nothing to do with interfaith marriages of sikh women. They are marrying hindu guys bcoz of lack of sikh education from parent's side, lack of interest in knowing sikhi, following mainstream Bollywood culture of "2 states", feeling inferior to hindu women etc. Basically delhi sikh women are coconut bimbos just like UK sikh women who play muslim grooming card when in reality they themselves are involved in relationships with them. 2. Delhi sikhs can be doctors, engineers, businessmen etc(Am a medico in final year MBBS) its really stupid to say that delhi sikhs are only businessmen or lazy etc. Thats a lot of unhealthy generalizations! 3. There is a young delhi Sikh guy dating a gorgeous hindu model. They are called "PR couple vlogs" on YouTube and have more than 1 million followers on tiktok. So sikh guys(keshdhari/amritdhari) have no trouble dating hindu/muslim women here in delhi bcoz of positive image of turban and beard. My hindu marathi female classmates have praised me for my sikhi swaroop many times. 4. Lastly, Guys sikhs are sikhs whether they live in delhi, Punjab or Canada etc. Sikhi won't change and Guru Granth sahib ji will remain same. Its wrong to think that delhi Sikhs are some alien species that have trouble in controlling sikh women. Tell me in which part of world, sikh women don't marry a non sikh? They marry non skhs bcoz they have no love for sikhi or shahediyaa of sikh gurus and care only about lust and money. It is a global problem not a delhi problem. Its a SILENT GENOCIDE   
    • If anything, our Gurdwareh and Sikh organisations will double-down on the Islamic appeasement and virtue signalling.  Things need to change quickly. Whenever some parcharak or giani starts chatting about "Musalman Bhai" in Maharaj's hazoori, someone needs to have the courage to stand up and say enough is enough. The international Sikh sangat's experience with Islam does NOT reflect the subcontinent / Indian republic's experience. Either wake up to the ground reality in countries across the world where Sikhs are settled, or unequivocally state that Sikhi only applies to what transpires in north India, because I can't relate to any of the stuff these obscenely wealthy superstar parcharaks have to say about the world the rest of us are forced to live in.
    • Disgusting but not suprised. Mars shal lah!!!! (all praise be to pagan arab god LAH) the evil extremists will celebrate. It didn't come as a suprise that a deranged follower of islam wont one day attack. UK gurdwaras were attacked by muslim gangs during the hindutva attack on babri masjid in india 1992. And Sikh youths hit back in gangs too. So this attack in derby gurdwara is obvious act of terrorism we just need to look at the patterns of behavior from the other attacks on gurdwaray in recent years from the year 2000. Now it comes upon the worldwide committee's of gurdwara's to wise up to changing political patterns of islamic extremists. If attack on chattisingpora kashmirir sikhs and gurdwara wasting a wake up call then attack on gurdwara in germany essen should have been and if attack on essen gurdwara wasnt a wakeup call then attack on nankana sahib should have been and if atttack on nankana sahib wasnt a wake up call then the attack on kabul gurdwara should have been and if attack on kabul gurdwara wasnt a wakeup call then well what can we say Sikhs will be asleep forever and Sikh sangat will stop going to gurdwaray because they no longer trust gurdwaray commitee's to keep their families safe while in house of prayer. Same thing happened to christian and jewish communities in europe and see what happened to their congregations eventually they stop going church and synagogue and the faith slowly dies because of radical islamic violent attacks on them. It's a clear strategy and war on non-muslims people will try to be political correct will make excuses dont want to be accused of being islamophobic because they have loyality to muslim friends but truth is truth and you can't hide truth with falsehood.  
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