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Sarbloh Bibek

Guest Kaur1996

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Guest Kaur1996

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh

I have some questions on Sarbloh Bibek.

1. What Banis should to recite when cooking?

2. Does Sarbolh Granth come in Sarbloh Bibek

3. Say if you are travel are you allowed to cook you food in a sarbolh bata then pack it in a plastic container but eat it out of the bata when you need it.

Thank you in advance Jee

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh:)

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

1. Any Bani can be recited whilst preparing Langar, you can also Jap Naam.

2. I don't under this question, what do you mean by that? Elaborate please. If you mean Sarbloh Granth is about Aahar da Sarbloh bibek, then no, it's not.

3. Whilst traveling, if you can't take a Baata with you, then it's ok. You can pack your food in plastic, and eat it in plastic too, as long as it was cooked in Sarbloh and by a Gursikh or you. But if you have the means to eat in Sarbloh, then do it. That's my opinion.

It would be better to eat Bibeki Langar out of no Baata than eat non-Bibek.

Also. When it comes to Sarbloh-Bibek, the Langar:

A)must be prepared and cooked by a non-Kurahatee Khalsa ( and if they go and do Peshi, they have to get the appropriate Tankhah from the Panj!), now if you have done a Kurehat, then continue to cook your own un/aahar whilst keeping Rehat, but look forward to a peshi.

B) it has to be cooked in and by Sarbloh utensils, though wood is acceptable for some.

C) Bani and Naam Simran must be recited

D) keep utmost Suchaam, as much as possible.

E) no eating machine made products. Make as many ingredients as possible by hand, in Sarbloh. It's recommended that you eat from an organic array of fruits and vegetables.

F) after the food is made, do Ardas and Kirpan Bhet From a Sarbloh Kirpan that has no non-Sarbloh coating.

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