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Guru Nanaks Raj Nama, Kakar Vichar, And Bihangam Ban; Where Are These?

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I need help in finding the apocryphal bani called
- raj nama
- kakar vichar
- bihangam ban
ive looked in the cummingham book on 340, its in english (below)
anyone have a punjabi source or is it just in the janam sakhis? which janam sakhi?
i have naseehat nama and karni nama, hazarnama etc...
i am stuck on where to find these three.






Note.—Two letters to Karun are attributed to

Nanak. The first is styled the 'Nasihat Nama', or Letter

of Admonition and Advice. The second is styled simply

the 'Reply of Nanak', and professes to be spoken.

Karun may possibly be a corruption of Harun, the

'Harun el Rashid' of European and Asiatic fame. Both

compositions are of course fabulous as regards Nanak,

and appear to be the compositions of the commencement

or middle of the last century.

The two letters of Gobind are termed the 'Rabat

Nama' and the 'Tankha Narria', or the Letter of Rules

and the Letter of Fines respectively; and while they

are adapted for general guidance, they profess to have

been drawn up in reply to questions put by individuals,

or for the satisfaction of particular inquirers. There

is no evidence that they were composed by Gobind

himself; but they may be held to represent his views

and the principles of Sikhism.

1. The Nasihat Nama of Nanak, or the Letter to

Karun, the Mighty Prince, possessing forty Capital

Cities replenished with Treasure. (Extracts from.)

Alone man comes, alone he goes.

When he departs naught .will avail him (or bear him



When the reckoning is taken, what answer will he give ?

If then only he repents, he shall be punished.

Karun paid no devotions; he kept not faith :

The world exclaimed he ruled not justly.

He was called a Ruler, but he governed not well.

For the pleasures of the world ensnared him.

He plundered the earth : hell-fire shall torment him.

Man should do good, so that he be not ashamed.

Repent—and oppress jiot.

Otherwise hell-fire shall seize thee, even in the grave.

Holy men. Prophets, Shahs, and Khans,

The mark of not one remaineth in the world;

For man is but as the passing shade of the flying bird.

Thou rejoicest in thy Forty Treasures,

See, oh people ! Karun utterly confounded.

Nanak ! pray unto God, and seek God as thy refuge.

2. The Reply of Nanak to Karun, the Lord of Medina.

First, Nanak went to Mecca;

Medina he afterwards visited.

The lord of Mecca and Medina,

Karun, he made his disciple.

When Nanak was about to depart,

Karun, the fortunate, thus spoke :

Now thou art about to go.

But when wilt thou return?

Then the Guru thus answered :

When I put on my tenth dress

1 shall be called Gobind Singh;

Then shall all Singhs wear their hair;

They shall accept the 'Pahal' of the two-edged dagger

Then shall the sect of the Khalsa be established: Then shall men exclaim, 'Victory, O Guru !'

The four races shall become 6ne and the same;

The five weapons shall be worn by all.

In the Kalyug they shall array themselves in vestments

of blue;

The name of the Khalsa shall be everywhere.

In the time of Aurangzeb

The wondrous Khalsa shall arise.

Then shall battles be waged,

Endless war shall ensue.

And fighting shall follow year after year.

They shall place the name of Gobind Singh in their


Many heads shall be rendered up,

And the empire of the Khalsa shall prevail.

First, the Punjab shall become the land of the Sikhs;

Then other countries shall be theirs;

Hindustan and the North shall be possessed by them;

Then the West shall bow to them.

When they enter Khorasan,

Kabul and Kandahar shall lie low.

When Iran ^ has been laid prostrate,

Mecca shall be beheld,

And Medina shall be seized.

Mighty shall be the rejoicing.

And all shall exclaim, 'Hail, Guru !'

Unbelievers shall everywhere be destroyed;

The holy Khalsa shall be exalted;

Beasts, and birds, and creeping things, shall tremble

(in the presence of the Lord)


Men and women shall everywhere call on God.

The earth, the ocean, and the heavens, shall call on God.

By calling on the Guru shall men be blessed.

Every faith shall become of the Khalsa;

No other religion will remain.

'Wah Guru' shall everywhere be repeated.

And Pain and Trouble shall depart.

In the Kalyug shall the Kingdom be established

Which Nanak received from the Lord.

Worthless, I fall before God;

Nanak, the slave, cannot comprehend the ways of the


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y doesnt anyone reply to this?

i cannot find the raj nama in the sau sakhi. everyone quotes sau sakhi as the source. its not in there.

if its in the janam sakhi, which JS?

and what about the other writings?

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