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Places To Visit With Parents

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WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa,

WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Sangat, this sounds bit difficult to frame and answer but lemme try

I needed bit of information around places to visit in UK with parents. I have my parents visiting us in UK for few months. While they are here, I would like to keep them busy/amused seeing places, attending gurmat smagams and visiting some of the bigger Gurudwaras we have here in UK/Europe. They have just retired and aren't very old, so I was considering places like Gravesend, Isle of wight etc. Would anyone have a list of places where they may visited with parents/in-laws and any upcoming smagams around London? Thanks in advance.

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Akhand Keertanee Jathaa (AKJ)

Aug 08 2015 to

Aug 09 2015 Raensabaayee Keertan

7:00 PM to 5:00 AM


Sri Guru Singh Sabha

2-8 Park Avenue, Southall, Middlesex. UB1 3AG

- In memory of all Panthic Shaheeds -




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Maybe show them the amazing seva The Sikh Welfare & Awareness Team (S.W.A.T) is a multi-cultural progressive charity, focusing on spreading the ethos of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


And Our aim at Midland Langar Seva Society is help the homeless and provide food / hunger relief to those that need really need it.


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Guest Tarans

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa,

WaheGuru Ji Ki Fatheh.

thanks for the details and yep I would keep an eye on events thread. I liked the idea about SWAT, Hyde park and I guess this becomes more of duty now to add to the representatio. thanks again.

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