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Guest Gurpal_1

Merging Back Into God

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Guest Gurpal_1

Merging back into God

is the story for every soul,

No matter what she is experiencingin life.

She will merge back into God whether
it be today or tomorrow.
This is the way it was
written by her
Husband Lord.

Instagram : Gurpal_1

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Brother Gurpal_1,

for sure the soul will merge in Him whensoever He decides to finish the creation, for there will be no deivs, devtas, devlok, Baikunth, Swarg, Narak...etc, only He, so naturally all jeev atams will merge in Him, there is no alternative.

But then , why to wait for that day? Who knows when will He choose to finish this creation?

It maybe still be many millions of years...

Only a fool will not mind staying until then, in this valley of pain and misery called creation.

The Bani says: today is your time, today is your golden opportunity, te meditate and merge in Him, through His Shabad.

Bhaee parapat manukh deh hureeya, Gobind milan kee yeh teree bareeya...

Bahut janam vichurey teh Madao, ehe janam Tumhare lekhey ....

Wahiguru has blessed us with comon sense, so let us not keep it locked in the cupboard, and make use of it, in order to merge in Him as you say, through His Bhakti and Grace.

Things do not happen just like that, do not we go to the office to work , at schools to study and learn?

So if at every step we put our will power, we put our sincere efforts, howcome, will we merge in Him just like that.

If we stay idle and wait for things to happen, like merging in Him, then brother, maya kaal, vaasnas, are just waiting to hold a tight grip on us and keep us prisoners in this mayavee creation.

Let us not just say Wahiguru bless me, for we are alraedy blessed, He has given us the human form, He has made us sit at the Lotus feet of our Guru Sahibans, Gurmukhs, from whom we have got the most beautiful and priceless Gurbani, to merge in Him at our own will, that is also His mahanta.

Sat Sree Akal.

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