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Everyone Who Loves Kirtan And Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Should Check This Out

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Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri is doing an amazing job singing Kirtan (Gods praises) in Gurdwaras around the world. The sweetness in his voice and raw emotion, passion and love that shines through him makes you want to connect with God to know the secret of this pure love and to experience it for yourself. He does Kirtans every week through-out the year as selfless service for the community.

I was introduced to his Kirtans on youtube, and since then I really like listening to them. I believe they have the power to change peoples lives and fill us up with sweetness. Because he is such a humble person, the instrument he uses is very simple (harmonium). I have made this page to gather money for a Minimoog Voyager-synthesizer for him, as well as a Korg Ms-20 synthesizer for his side-partner.

Primarily I hope that Sikhs who know the value of singing Kirtan and connecting people with Gurbani will support this fund. I also welcome others who feel the love to join in. Modern synthesizers together with his voice and innocent and pure devotion will make it easier for people across the globe and especially teenagers to connect with Gurbani.

If you contribute to this fund you are contributing to a small (in size) but beautiful and meaningful project that will produce amazing results of loving devotion. That is after-all, the real, intangible thing.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.


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Gurupyari Satsangat-Jio, not a lot of response to this yet. I am wondering why, Kirtan and what Bhai Sahib is doing is really the essence of Sikhi. Surely there must be people out there who would like to support this. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Waheguru Ji I spoke with him last year about doing something new musically, he was very for it but I didn't have the time back then when I was in India. I am sure he will accept the seva, and the instrument is so great. He is very humble and isn't insecure at all so he gladly accepts when someone has the sharda because he knows its Maharaj who is the real giver, we have no power to give :)

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Waheguru Jio, listening to Bhai Manpreet Singh Jis shabads has me thinking, what is it actually that any singers in the west have that can compete with this? The emotion is just out of this world, its because Bhai Sahib Ji understands what the shabads are saying, he's feeling them and then when he sings them its like he is alone in a room full of people and the world watching. No love song in the world can be written without the person writing them thinking about how it will be received by mere-mortals. How can that be called a love-song? Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has the only texts in the world that are a product of pure love and devotion - and not cognition (because its divine revelation and came to the Gurus and the Bhagats). It was what was written on the soul of Gods beloveds. Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji is one of the few Kirtanis doing the shabads justice by having the same feelings and perspective.

There is so much parchar being done at the moment in the west, why shouldn't Kirtan be made available to the wider public as-well? Bhai Manpreet Singh ji with a Minimoog will make the whole world say that there is nothing like Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the world. It will be full of genuine love - and really cool at the same time! Waheguru Jio Ji I don't know anything and I have been a sinner my whole life but Bhai Manpreet Singh Jis Kirtan is very powerful and I will promote it til the end of me. Please, please think about supporting this cause. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Waheguru Jio, there was a Tv-auction in Norway today where the Norwegian people managed to bring in 182 million Kroner (1 Kr = 8 rupees) for the preservation of rain-forests. Rain-forests are important, trees do Simran - but Kirtan is priceless. Its the real thing. Why is it so easy for people to donate money to saving lives but when it comes to producing love no-one cares? If one person with the right sharda and resources sees this project then we will get support. Please help me get it out to those few people! Waheguru Ji Ki Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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Waheguru Ji, I just want to tell everyone whats on my heart. The parchar that has been done by Basics of Sikhi internationally is really great, the knowledge that Bhai Jagraj Singh has been able to give in English is just really awesome and has gotten a lot of people including myself into Sikhi. I would still say that I think Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji is the biggest diamond that the Sikh Panth has as of now. Its not a matter of competition between people, its just that the Gurus love shines through him in a way that is unparalleled. The Guru is visible in him. Im not writing this to get any funding, I have already seen that it is no point in trying to do so. I just want to say whats on my heart, I see the Sangat that Bhai Sahib Ji has and am like, why is he not an international phenomenon? The emotion is unparalleled and I think that by joining Sikhs with him, we will get all the strength. Check out this Kirtan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jg0CN8CoyfU#t=3065

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    • glad we can agree on that but I don't think it is too nirmala influenced (I am not a taksali by no means) other than what I mentioned bout the akhand paaths etc. (same goes for sant samajis) I think I talked bout taksal in another thread, but modern day Taksal would be puratan version of nirmalas back when they were panthic scholars being the forefront of parchar as Taksal was originally indistinguishable from Tarna Dal/nihang singhs  maybe we can open a seperate thread on how influenced do you think many of the sants of 20th century by nirmalas (IMO more than taksal itself) because that is something I find weird  also I think you are responding to former much earlier replies of mine I just noticed 
    • I hv great respect for all taksal jathedaars u mentioned. I long for the charan dhoor(dust) of the feet of Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. But only Guru Sahib is 100% correct. Just because taksali Singhs started reading lot more vedic granths due to nirmala influence, that does not mean they lost all their spiritual power and we saw that power in 1984. Taksal is very important for Khalsa panth but it needs some improvements.
    • sorry did not mean to reduce the language of farsi to being merely worldy, but that was the primary role of it back in the day and why bhai mehta kalu ji ordered his son to learn it on advice of rai bular who gauranteed his recommendation for guru nanak getting a sarkari job 
    • like I said, yes both are optimal  but vedic literature should be more prioritized and be the prerequisite (as was the case with guru nanak dev ji or other guru sahiban who first learned sanskrit before moving on to a madrasa) (you don't run before you learn to crawl)  farsi has always been considered foreign language and as beautiful it may be, it still isn't as much of a reference in gurbani as vedas/puranas/devtas/nirgun sargun/yugas/karma/reincarnation/the primal sound/kalki avtar (I forgot what nihangs called it) especially in sggs  mind you bachitar natak, and of course tons of more dasam bani still draws stories of charitar pakhyan from puranas, and guru sahib did a whole katha on the avatars of vishnu  and like I have said before, in this day than never, we aren't as aware of the historical references behind much of gurbani as much as our predecessors so often many of us confuse dasam bani to be an infusion of vedic mat so we need to be a bit more literate of vedic mat to be able to differentiate between that and sikhi when reading bani   I don't want to belittle any specific school of thought, but abrahamic ideology is also much more linear and simple compared to sikhi so trying to understand sikhi through western lenses is a much more difficult task compared to a hindu looking at sikhi and recognizing many gurmat principles such as meditation, connecting with paarbrahm, langar, karma (although westerners also believe in deeds being a large part of judgement in parlok) etc. 
    • Guru Sahib quoted ferdowsi poet in Zafarnama. Guru Sahib got kimia saadat Persian Granth into gurmukhi from peer budhu Shah. So Guru Sahib did not just read Persian Granths to learn Persian language as it was the worldly/political language. Guru Sahib also appreciated many thoughts in spiritual Farsi literature. So taksali students shud read farsi spiritual literature alongside vedic literature.
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