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Confessions Of A Killer Cop (Cop Gurmit "pinky")

Singh, Mahan

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2 hours ago, puzzled said:

Theres a been a few police officers that have told the media that they killed many innocent young singhs back the in the days. I wonder what makes them come out in the open and make these confessions? 

Blackmail? Guilt? 

Don't think it's blackmail. I'm guessing its a bit of guilt but more of a way to get back at the Indian establishment who made them become that way. Also they feel the times have changed and now everyone should come clean of the roles they played in a conflict that brought disaster to alot of families in punjab.

Many of these people who speak out now are disillusioned by the state and its system of looking after "patriots". Even a few  former R&AW agents who did missions in pakistan on behalf of india spoke out to the media after sarabjit singh was killed in prison in pakistan few years ago. They weren't getting the pensions and wages they thought they would after risking their whole lives for the indian regime. Alot of the former Indian soldiers also spoke out against the establishment and staged demonstrations for not getting what they were promised fighting for defense of the nation.

So alot of these people want to highlight their own plight and give their stories so that the narrative isn't painted by history that all of them were hell bent on genocide and mass murder. I'm guessing also they are limited not being allowed to travel aboard to the west because of their role in the security establishment violating several UN human rights laws and so feel aggrieved due to that.


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