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    • An old man might have looked for a youngster and told his story. However whoever wrote it has a message to pass on about critism. Criticising without thinking over the situation is very common in Sikhs and generally among the more elderly. Lack of education may have led to this.  Do we ever pause to think about the effects our latest words may have had on our children. Do we ever spend some time sharing something positive with our children instead of just voicing what we think they should have done, be doing or should do.  His mum being able to work out exactly how much percent of alcohol is present in certain drinks is a truly remarkable gift for a lady who would now be 100 plus if still alive. We're these amounts calculated and put on bottles at that time. Did our women think of offering alcohol to their sons in those days?     
    • how can you say everyone was present if Budha Dal and Tarna Dal were not present? The kurbani of everyone else should never be forgotten, but the lack of experience in rehit means that a maryada is incomplete unless fully rehitvaan Singhs have their say in it.   Without the experience of Dal panth and Hazoori Singh we can never have a full rehit. Also the fact that this maryada allows you to normalise skipping 2 lines from Kabyo Baach Benti is just really disgusting!
    • So your saying budha dal and tarna dal is the panth?  Like everyone else doesnt matter ?  What about damdami taksaal, and Akj. what  About about their kurbani?  Everyone was present when making the Sikh Rehat maryada. It was made so stupid arguments like whether "meat is allowed or not" doesnt come up. And its sad to see, our panth is divided into different jathebandi and different maryadas.  It took 15 years to make the 30 page Sikh Rehat Maryada by the panth. Khalsa panth is Guru. And we should follow only that maryada.  No one is allowed to change it. And no one should change the bujjer Kurehits.   
    • Think logically,  have you done anything for people to follow you?  
    • Guest Singh
      Caused primarily by external issues, uncertainty, being treated unfairly. But at times I’m feeling constant anxiety but I can’t figure out why.

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