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I’m wondering if you can help us with this at all? 


We want to reach out to young Sikhs for this unique leadership programme which is about empowering young adults to innovate and lead new spaces where faith and social action come together as one. We think this is a great match with Sikh values!  

·  Could you help us publicise it? Could it go in your email bulletin and in any other networks you have? 

·  Can you recommend it to any individuals who might like it? 

·  And here’s the link to post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.




Thank you so much!

Warm wishes




***Closing date for applications is July 30th!***



Sacred Activists: Leadership & spirituality in action


Sacred Activists speaks to the most urgent needs of our time. It brings together young people who want to create a more beautiful world and empowers them to bring it into being. It calls those with the spark of the future in their hearts, with committed spiritual lives and the impulse to act and lead. 

Based in London, this 9 month programme will have different strands:

·  Workshops with teaching input from leaders in the field

·  Fieldtrips to inspiring communities where faith and action are combined in innovative ways 

·  1:1 mentoring from leaders at the cutting edge of faith-based social change

·  Building community through shared devotional practice, inner work and celebration

·  Ongoing support to develop youth-led projects

·  A week volunteering at a refugee camp in Europe 

·  A closing retreat and vision quest. 

Sacred Activists will involve the following themes and explorations: 

Sacred activism and the inter-spiritual manifesto
- Leadership, calling and living spirituality through action 
- The emergence of a new movement within the interfaith world 
- The role of young people, religion and spirituality in the new era

Worldview and a ‘new story’ of inter-being
- Understanding the global crisis, its root causes and the future we face
- Exploring solutions: from hierarchical models to interconnectedness and reverence for life
- The power of grassroots movements 

The inner dimension of sacred activism
- Inner resilience, spiritual practice and the nine elements of spiritual maturity
- The importance of shadow work in personal and systemic peace-making
- Discovering our calling and reclaiming our gifts: a vision quest

Action learning 
- Using vision labs and the collective intelligence to evolve our ideas into projects  
- Designing and hosting a fundraiser event 
- Volunteering at a refugee camp for a week

To apply download an application form and return it to Viviana.  The deadline is July 30th 2016, however candidates are strongly encouraged to apply well ahead of time.


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