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Arvind Kejriwal promises âholy placeâ status to Amritsar & Anandpur Sahib

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Guest Jacfsing2

Daas doesn't trust his "promises", but at least it's better than what Akali Dal has been doing all these years, (Jarnail Singh from AAP seems to support the Autonomy of Sikhs, and has actually brought the issue of the 1984 riots, while Badal and that Akali Dal have been completely silent). This Kejriwal seems to also like Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderwale, for whatever his political reason is, (basically he's similar to Christians using their religion to win votes in America; however, he is using a different religion and exploiting our situations for his political gain). In other words, he's exploiting our situation and using our faith to gain political power, he knows how much Amritsar and Anandpur are worth to our people; so he's taking their issues as a form of Sikh votes. Daas highly doubts he'd be able to win fairly to be honest.

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