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The British influence on Sikhs - Jagraj Singh (BoS)

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    • A place to post concise news articles and images of the deepening degradation of our world. 
    • Get off the Internet as other people are suggesting. I think you might have reached a point where all the stuff around you has reached a limit and you're (involuntarily) switching off emotions just to cope. 
    • I totally disagree. Dasam Granth is different from SGGS ji for sure, with a heavier focus on social matters, literature, language, politics, culture, Indic mythology etc. etc. Repurposing traditional narratives to suit contemporary Sikh needs has also been done.    If Guru ji used narratives to explain things to Sikhs, it's on you to try and grasp the underlying themes and points of the narratives, not discard them because of your own preconceptions and mental conditioning go against this. 
    • And they probably don't find it remotely difficult given the types of 'apnay' that we are talking about......   I'd guess it might be along the lines of largely, simpleton, docile useful idiots. Ones you can use and abuse and fail consistently, and then condescendingly pat on the head and bring on board again without any serious threat of comeback. People you can readily rely on to turn on each other once you throw a few pennies their way. 
    • I think as beletiya we were always led to believe that people from Punjab had higher standards of behaviour despite their higher levels of cunning.  We have been told by our elders that the gorah is immoral and have no standards. We kind of hold people from Punjab on a pedestal and high esteem but that pedestal and respect is disappearing and it has come to point where the beletiya hold these people with contempt and disgust.  In some ways these people are worse than goreh. They have less shame in many regards. How we can call Punjab "back home" at this moment of time is beyond me.
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