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    • I do not know what the real issue was with Pardeep and her family but from a superficial outsider view, there are few things that seem clear to me (at least it is my perception ) She has 2 other sisters. Just looking at video, it seems that she is the prettier one (she looks like the middle child) with a chubby older sister and plain jane younger sister. Middle children typically are more rebellious and the fact that she is the prettier one probably means she gets more attention. Her sisters are probably jealous of her.  So Pardeep probably has a sense of entitlement.  At 23, as a girl she is at her most prettiest (sexual market peak) and she likely gets a lot of male attention.  At this age, girls like the "bad boys" and with all the combined factors mentioned above , it must be her parents worst nightmare.  Her father living in a family full of woman is probably find it hard to be a strong father as he is likely to be under the thumb and cannot stamp his authority.  It could be very well the case that the parents would try to cash the chips in and get her married off (though I don't think it works these days). The fear of her parents is that she will be pumped and dumped and become damaged goods and no respectabe bloke will marry her.  Like a lot of girls this age, she will realise that when she reaches her late twenties and she is not as pretty as she was in the younger days, those guys she didn't find very interesting will suddenly look very interesting. 
    • What i don't like about this lgbt business is how they want us to agree with them, if we don't agree with them then we are trans phobic, homophobic and all the rest. So if a 6ft tall bloke with a c0ck wears a dress and puts on a wig and identifies as a woman we all have to agree with him and recognize him as a woman, we basically have to agree with his views and personal choice, if we do not recognize him as a woman we are trans phobic.  Wheres the so called freedom of speech then?  
    • Thank you, it's hard when nobody understand your pain. It's been a massive eye opener for me as I've realised that nobody has the time to understand your emotional pain or consider your mental wellbeing, you're just expected to get on with it and move on. I guess that's just the harsh truths of life. I guess it'll make me stronger.  I've been trying really hard today, I keep telling myself 'it is what it is' and if guru sahib wishes to fix it that's his will otherwise I will have to go through this pain. I'm trying to continue doing paath but I'm just doing it out of commitment. I will never stop doing paath and believing in God but it does make me wonder if karam and destiny is above all and most powerful as nobody can change it. I know this sounds very low, I'm sorry😔
    • Yeah but if you have a black baby it is still your own baby you can't place it at the side and pretend you don't have it.   
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