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Waheguru ji khalsa Waheguru ji Fateh

LONDON, UK—Basics of Sikhi founder Bhai Jagraj Singh, from England, passed away today in the highest of spirits and completed his spiritual and physical journey on Earth.

Bhai Jagraj Singh was well respected internationally and renowned for his “street parchar” that he started in London, but has now spread worldwide.  In December 2016, Bhai Jagraj Singh was diagnosed with cancer.  The news was unexpected and left the Sikh Sangat worldwide in shock.  Tests revealed that Bhai Jagraj Singh had been diagnosed with stage four advanced cancer which spread to his liver and was inoperable.

Since then, he went through chemotherapy and also tried natural remedies, however, he always insisted that this was hukam (will of Vaheguru).  Bhai Jagraj Singh firmly insisted that whatever is happening is already pre-ordained and he asked his supporters to remain in chardi kala (high spirits) and attached to Gurbani.

Respected internationally for his “street parchar”, Bhai Jagraj Singh started several initiatives in 2012 to raise awareness of the Sikh faith.  Since then, he has trained dozens of parchariks(preachers) worldwide. He has spoken at camps and events across the world as well.  

Along with Basics of Sikhi, some of the other initiatives launched by him include the Amritsar Visitor CenterSikh Press Association and the Mighty Khalsa project. The Sikh Press Association is a media facing project providing publicity for the Panth. The project runs positive PR campaigns to raise the profile of Sikhs in the mainstream. Mighty Khalsa is a Sikh kids orientated set of educational books, games and apps project.

At the time when Bhai Jagraj Singh was diagnosed with cancer, he shared the following message with the Sangat –


“Only SatGuru Ji can give or take life away and they are never wrong, only perfect. In all the Seva that Guru Ji allowed me to do of his beautiful Panth, I’ve made many mistakes and I ask forgiveness from the Sangat. If the Guru’s message has touched you and you feel it’s the truth, I urge you to follow that truth and become a GurSikh as none of us knows how long we have left. Please do Ardaas that Guru Ji gives me a place in his Charan and keeps my family and the Panth in Chardi-Kala. May the Panth flourish, even if I am finished, this is pure joy for me.”

Earlier today, Basics of Sikhi posted the following message on Facebook –

VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Jagraj Singh, founder of Everythings 13.

Jagraj Singh was diagnosed with stage four inoperable cancer in December 2016.

We request all to respect the privacy of Jagraj Singh’s family and the Everythings 13 team during this period.

Any further information will be shared only by Everythings 13.

VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh (VAHEGURU)

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