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Ultra-processed foods linked to cancer

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I think most of us would not be surprised by this, but definitely a good reminder to avoid unnatural foods

Ultra-processed foods linked to cancer

Thursday February 15 2018

Examples include mass-produced breads and cakes, snacks and sweets, fizzy drinks, and ready meals.

Researchers in France studied the diets of more than 100,000 people for 7 years.

They found small increases in the overall rate of cancer and breast cancer after the menopause in those who had the highest proportion of ultra-processed food in their diet.

But because of the wide range of foods included in the ultra-processed category, it's difficult to establish which specific foods might be responsible for the increased cancer risk, and why.

The increased risk could be caused by eating more high-sugar, high-fat processed food.

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plus a there will be thyroid problems because of the lack of iodine in the diet , leading to slowing of metabolism and increasing the risk of adrenals trying to kickstart the metabolism by pumping out cortisol and adrenalin which will keep people in high BP and high blood sugar spiral leading to insulin resistance and starving cells ...

Follow Guru ji's advice cook your own or eat as Guru ji made it fresh from the fields

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    • He had proposed some decent policies. The way he was hounded out of power with certain allegations made me quite suspicious that he was a threat to the status quo from an economic perspective. Unfortunately, he seemed to relish courting a certain burgeoning minority from which he was selecting key shadow cabinet posts, lol, that the Indian demographic perceived to be a problem for understandable historical reasons. It will never be discussed openly (because it would cause the asking of certain awkward questions that the architects of the current cultural climate have deemed to be off the agenda), but the Indian vote was absolutely key in the previous election. The Red Wall of the North may have been the obvious reason for the Conservative win, but the Indian swing behind right-wing candidates in response to a potential sticky situation had the Islamo-Left come to power was a deciding factor IMO. I feel this is a phenomenon that is being discussed quite openly behind neo-liberal, leftwing (if we can pretend those two factions represent the same thing) closed doors, and it will be addressed implicitly in the future come election time.
    • Well, if I could afford a house worth a million pounds in the UK on a 30k pound salary, I should move over there!     I completely agree with you about the healthcare system and vacation time.   I think the reason the US doesn't have a universal healthcare system like the UK is simple. Here is something that I have noticed about social safety net programs: 1. It is EXTREMELY difficult to establish social safety net programs (it takes a lot of political power and will, and there is resistance from the wealthy and powerful, who launch media campaigns to scare people away from such programs and stigmatize them). 2. Once a social safety net program is established, people realize how much they like it, and it is EXTREMELY difficult for politicians to take it away. Even right-wing politicians will largely concede that they need to protect these programs.   Because of point 1, social safety net programs typically can only be established during extraordinary times when people are desperate or receptive to big changes for various reasons. The NHS was established in the post-war period, for example. The US made various strides in adding to the social safety net during the 1930s, 1964-66, and 2009-2010. But the politicians in power fell short of establishing an NHS-style system during these very brief windows of opportunity. Outside of these once-in-a-generation opportunities, it is virtually impossible to get anything done. Long story short: the UK left made better use of its once-in-a-generation opportunities than the American left.   Other than that, I see similar political problems in both countries. People keep voting for right-wing politicians who will screw them over economically instead of voting for people who are proposing new programs that could help them. Why? Right-wing politicians know how to scare people away from changes that could help them, and they know how to distract people by getting them to focus on culture war issues.   Americans keep having to choose between corporatist politicians. One corporatist party (Republicans) caters to racist whites who hate black people and immigrants. Another corporatist party (Democrats) pretends to be progressive, but focuses mostly on identity issues instead of economic issues (because their corporate masters don't mind them focusing on identity politics, but they do mind economic reforms that would make them pay more). In the UK, people generally have to make similar choice, but you had opportunities in 2017 and 2019 to vote for a Labour party that was actually proposing real, sweeping changes that would benefit the average person. Americans have not had that opportunity in my lifetime.
    • https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/563473   According to the Parliament calendar, debate starts at 16:30.
    • You're doing the right thing by wanting to sort your head out before making another committment.  Too often apne view wives and husbands as if they're livestock; one's gone, time for the other one immediately. Didn't work out for whatever reason? Nevermind, third time's a charm. Cheap, dehumanising mentality. 
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