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Want to do Paath

Guest Singh

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Wjkk wjkf, 

sangat ji, I am in the middle of taking santheya of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji but I did not take santheya of sri dasam granth ji except for like jaap Sahib, svaiye, etc. I would like to do a Sehaj Paath Sahib of sri dasam. I feel like reading dasmesh pita’s granth. I am doubting if it is ok to do a sehaj paath sahib without santheya. 

Thank you,


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21 hours ago, TaksalDaSingh9771 said:

Does that mean OP can do a sehaj path of sri dasam granth sahib ji?

He can try....

Might find it difficult though.

I would try and get used to reading Jaap Sahib, full Chaupai and also as part of Sampooran Rehras and then full Aarti Aarta as a start, and then Chandi Vaar, Uggardanti, Shastarnaamala part 1 to get used to the language.

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